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    Pen turning - Jaws for a Nova Scroll Chuck (Old style!)

    Hi all, i have a Nova Scroll Chuck, and looking for pen jaws to drill blanks. now there is the Nova 6034 that i believe fit, but wondering if there are any other makes that may fit this chuck? apparently all nova jaws fit all nova chucks, therefore any compatable with any nova chuck should...
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    what benchtop lathe for smaller items

    Hi All, I will be looking soon for a mini lathe as my workshop/outhouse is a bit too small for my Record Power #0 , even if i did shorten the bars. Also cant seem to get it perfectly aligned (probably the worksurface TBH). so looking for a small lathe, preferably one that will do pens, small...
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    What is this 'grind' and tool for?

    Pics of the tool Hi all, reviving my wood turning again and after much deliberation i cannot find what this tool/grind is for, it is either a bowl or spindal gouge but the angle seems really wrong as it is swept forward almost. I had another gouge (spindle as quite narrow compared to his) that...
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    wood turning blanks that can be delivered or for practice?

    hi all, need to get back into the woodturning, been a while and not really had any decent wood to practice with either. so do you know of anywhere that is reccomended that sells blanks that can be delivered (North west uk)? ideally nothing special or exotic as need to get my hand back in, so...
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    Wiring a emergency stop.

    Hi all, back after a long asbence (not been in jail, just a manic 2019!) I have finally bought an emergency stop button (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B07JGX7HM6/ ... 11_TE_item) and an extention lead (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B078Y4JNXP/ ... 11_TE_item) so i can have some sort of shutdown...
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    Good and EASY guides on sharpening and angles/etc

    Hi All, got one of them ebay jigs (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132436418665) to go with my Axi grinder (http://www.axminster.co.uk/axminster-ho ... der-505194). now i need to get a dresser to flatten it, but is there any EASY guide to how to set these up, and also how to know when the tools are...
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    Bearing replacement - pipper

    having a play with the lathe (Record Power 0 ) and had a catch then a noisy bearing started soon after. managed to get the drive shaft and bearings out (after there were 2 screw to remove with the allen key, came out easily then!) the big bearing that appears to have failed is the big one (NIN...
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    what sanding/finishing do you user

    I need to get some high grit to make my lathe creations super smooth, so wondering if there are any sources that people like that work well and are cheaper than high st stores. I had some from B&Q, JCB branded sanding mesh, worked really well but costs a small fortune, so anything similar...
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    Advice on purchasing a couple of tools and sharpening

    Hi all, bit of a break since my last post, a slight reorganisation in work in july means i now am back in uni and doing teacher training so less time than before (was a work from home IT consultant), and the lathe has not been touched, mainly as the tools need sharpening after a couple of...
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    What are these for? mystery items that come with the lathe

    sorry guys, last one! So first, believe this is a pen mandrel, and assume the item at the end is used to keep it secure. i have looked around and cant see one like it anywhere but as there were some pen blanks, assume this is what it is for. Second, a smaller rest, a bowl rest and dont know...
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    few questions about my 'new to me' record power No 0

    Ok, so got it earlier as well as a box of bits (another thread about what some of them are!) but seems to be a good deal, also in the box of bits there seems to be a pen mandrel and some blanks and some other odd looking things. anyhow, all set up and turned 2 bits of scrap wood, the first...
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    Reccomendations for a functional face shield and dustmask

    Hi all, should be picking the new to me lathe this weekend, and want to get a face shield and something to stop me breathing in dust! I have read here, and googled and none the wiser! and as usual there are the 'get the £250 all in one' to 'get some cheap goggles and a wet flannel over your...
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    Just won a Record Power Model 0 - what now!

    As title, after a long time waiting around and wanting a cheap lathe to play with to see if i like it, finally won one from the popular auction site for £100 that is local so not too bad. so it has a few chisels, a nova chuck, a box of odds and sods (from the pic a drill chuck, some calipers...
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    what wood for bird boxes?

    as subject really. most of the online guides give measurements and suchlike for wood that cant be bought easily (ie in B&Q or similar) and also i want to make some for a charity sale, so would prefer not to spend £6 on each, easier just to donate the cash! so where do you get yours from? also...
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    how to strengthen a dado style joint

    Hi all, just a quick one, been playing in the shed to get my hand back into using hand tools and found a small phone holder that i liked the look of so tried to replicate. so i have chiselled out about 4mm for the back to fit in then will glue (need more practice on chiselling out accurately!)...
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    Any good slae offers around?

    hi all, thought i would post this to see if anyone has seen any exceptional deals around and wishes to share them. I am not talking about £2 off a £50 item in a sale, but maybe a one off item that may not be seen by the majority, or something that you have that you have spotted and would...
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    is this a good buy : Really dont know if worth it

    on popular auction site for £185, checked on here and similar lathes go for far less, but unsure if this is what would be expected. difficult to get sold prices as they vary so much and also depends a lot on how local, not much use having one sold for £100 if it is 400 miles away!
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    how big is a Record DML 24X lathe?

    some on ebay and looking to bid but none have the size listed, and due to the available space I have I need to ensure it will fit. so if you have one, can you give sizes (so length/etc) so i can check, i have asked on the auctions but not sure if i will get a response in time!
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    perspex sheeting - any tips on thickness or brand

    Hi all, question on this as it is something i want to check before i start. I have a outdoor dog shed (pic at the bottom) where the tortoise resides (and the kennel bit is fully insulated, boarded and heated!) and want to put some perspex over the windows to help keep the outside area slightly...
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    lathe working height?

    Hi all, quick question. I am looking at getting a lathe in the next few months but having a read have come across the issue of working height. It will be in the outhouse/storage/workshop which isnt massive, but has bench space which will fit a lathe in. the bench height is currently 3ft high...