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    What are these called?

    Hi, What are the little copper or brass things sometimes crimped on the end of standed cables? I've searched online but can only find bootlace ferrules, so they must be called something else. Picture below of what I'm after. Cheers, Mark
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    Camera recommendations

    Hi chaps, I need a camera which must be: compact rechargable (not AA batteries) takes either a standard SD card or Micro SD card decent lens costs up to £200 good warrantry not too complicated I would also consider second hand. Any suggestions? I'm not a photographer so SLR cameras with a...
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    Plumbing question

    Hi chaps, If the central heating pipes are not straight where they connect to a radiator, will the compression joints leak? We had some pipes extended in preparation for tiling next week and the plumber has soldered the pipes wonky... Cheers, Mark
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    Electrical spade connector things

    Hi chaps, What are these called, and where can I buy two of them from? Cheers, Mark
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    Seasoning firewood

    Hi chaps, Earlier this year I started to cut and split firewood myself, with the intention of becoming less reliant on bought logs or scavenged timber and pallets. Back in September a couple of oaks blew down and blocked the lane. My neighbour, the farmer who owns the surrounding woodland, let...
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    Waterproofing an outbuilding

    Hi chaps, There is rendered block outbuilding in our garden which was built so that the rear and one side is part of a retaining wall holding back about 5ft of ground. It's generally damp in there anyway, but after heavy rain water puddles on the floor and it will remain wet for weeks...
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    110v transformer question

    Hi chaps, Would a 110v 2400w 9" grinder run off my 3.3kva 16a transformer, or will the tool draw too much current? Mark
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    Japanese Waterstones

    Norton 220g / 1000g combination stone King 4000g stone King 8000g Nagura stone All three for £50 inc. delivery to mainland UK.
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    260mm Mitre Saw Blades

    Makita B-09020 blade Brand new and unopened 260mm diameter 30mm bore 60 teeth Freud LCL6M01051 blade Used to make a couple of dozen test cuts in clean pine. 260mm diameter 30mm bore 60 teeth £50 for both including delivery.
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    What to do

    Hi chaps, I'm not sure what to do about this. Yesterday around 2pm I was working on my parent's house upstairs. I heard shouting outside and then my mother screamed from the front door. I ran down to find a big bloke coming through the kitchen after forcing the front door open and pushing past...
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    Bosch GEX 150 Turbo Dual Action Sander

    Hi chaps, I bought a Makita BO6050J just under a month ago. Used it lightly a few times, but this afternoon was the first proper test sanding paint off my garage fascia boards. About 30 minutes in it made a horrible mechanical crunching noise and forced rotation mode suddenly stopped working...
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    Mitre saw distance from wall

    Hi chaps, I recently bought a new mitre saw - a Makita LS1019 - which unfortunately has some manufacturing issues. The shop has arranged to replace it when they receive fresh stock in June, but I really can't wait another three or four weeks so I'm considering alternatives. Space is very...
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    Makita DA3010 Angle Drill 110V

    Makita DA3010 Angle Drill 110V It looks a bit scruffy but otherwise in full working order. £80 including delivery or collect from Swansea
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    Paint for lime rendered walls

    Hi chaps, The internal walls in the original part of our house were lime rendered in 2016/17 and on the suggestion of the supplier, Ty Mawr in Brecon, we gave them four to five coats of lime wash. We chose a subtle off-white/grey shade of lime wash, but it failed to fully cover the lime putty...
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    Grinder grease

    Hi chaps, I'm currently restoring an old Black & Decker 7" grinder and need some grease for the gearbox. In the past I've used bog standard Lithium- Moly CV grease, but whilst taking apart some new Makita grinders recently I noticed the grease is a vibrant, almost fluorescent yellow and it got...
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    Thresholds and scarf joints

    Hi chaps, I need to make a threshold between a patio door and bedroom floor. A while ago I bought over 50m of solid oak flooring from eBay (which I intend to lay in another room) and by chance the oak is a perfect colour match to the engineered flooring I laid in the bedroom. Unfortunately the...
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    Adhesive advice

    Hi chaps, I've almost finished preparing a floor prior to laying engineered oak by packing out with hardboard and overboarding with 12mm ply. The last piece of plywood will go down over a particularly bad area of subfloor which dips and rises too much to be easily packed out, so I'd like to use...
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    Restoring chandeliers and lamps

    Hi chaps, I was given some lights to clean up and rewire two years ago by a relative, and only now getting round to it. The wiring part of it I'm fine with, but the cleaning up and modifying part I'm not too sure about. Firstly, this monstrosity: It's made from steel and has become a bit...
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    Lay laminate on uneven subfloor

    Hi chaps, I'm going to lay 14m3 of laminate next week for my sister so I need to get everything in order beforehand. The 22mm T&G chipboard subfloor looks relatively new, but it's nowhere near flat or level - over 8m it drops almost 3 inches, and undulates in all directions. Ideally the...
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    Makita drills

    Hi chaps, I'm after a lightweight cordless drill which is compatible with my 5ah batteries. I already have a heavy duty DHP481, so something a bit smaller for things like pilot drilling. I'm tired of lugging round an SDS with a wobbly chuck adaptor, or otherwise using a single drill and...