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    Help please DEFT T30

    Been a while since I posted nice to see the forum doing really well. Yesterday I was cutting a piece off 18mm ply on my table saw a deft t30 I have had it since new a it has been very lightly used. It turned on fine and run as usual no probs i finished the cut and turned it off then i went to...
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    Dado Blade

    Happy New Year to everyone hope every one has a healthy,safe and prosperous new year, I am going to be starting on a kitchen build and a few bedroom wardrobes in the next few weeks and i would like to purchase a Dado Blade setup i have a suitable table saw which will accommodate the blade easily...
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    Planer thicknesser help

    Hi everyone i am looking to upgrade my previous planer thicknesser setup i am currently looking at buying the Axminster AW128PT Planer Thicknesser and the Robland B310 Planer Thicknesser any help and advice on these two machines regarding strong and weak points,accuracy and build quality thanks.
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    advice please

    Hi lads and ladies i could do with a bit off help i am looking to upgrade my scms i have been looking at three models all priced roughly around the same they are the DeWalt 718xps the Hitachi c12rsh and the Bosch gcm12 sd pro i am going to be useing it for mainly cabinet making and occasional...
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    Dining table W.I.P

    Hi this is my first w.i.p with and to make a it better i will try and put as much pics as possible. This is my first large project so here it goes i am making a 5' x 30" dining table out of American oak. Starting with the top so today i run the wood through the thicknesser and then on to my...
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    help dining table

    I have got some oak and want to make a 5ft x 30" dining table with 4" chunky legs i have read chems posts on hollow legs but what about jointing the pieces with biscuits ,glue and pocket screws internally to form the leg. Also which pieces in the pics below would you say i should use to make...
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    Engraving wood

    I have been asked by a freind to do him some wooden plaque's with some letters in Arabic for him these plaques will vari in size from 6'' long by 3'' wide to 36'' by 40'' so the wording will have to be different sizes. The writing is very complex see the attached link can you please help me and...
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    router sale

    Hi lads i have a large 2050w macallister router for sale it is in as new condition i have just recently bought a dewalt router and table so i am useing that most of the time and i also have a makita freehand router so this has just been sitting there doing nothing. It comes with the guides with...
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    extractor for sale

    I have a 1hp am-tech dust and chip extractor for sale it is a floor standing model like the Axminster that BSM has just sold it has had very little use and is in excellent condition but it is now surplus to requirements as i have got a fixed ducting extractor system in place now so lets say...
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    Hi there i am selling my axminster wp150 planer/jointer it is in mint condition only reason i am selling it is to fund a bigger jet planer with the wider bed. I think £145 o.n.o is reasonable or £130 o.n.o collected from birmingham can be seen working if collected comes with user manual and a...
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    Hello all i have always had a great interest in woodwork and after a good few years out of woodworking am just started to get back into it. I have most of the power tools like routers,table saw, drills ,sanders,electric planer etc . Now i am looking to buy a thicknesser/planer i have been...