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    What is your most useful tool

    Probably my missus. She can spot a mistake at 500 paces in less time than it takes me to draw breath.
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    Many thanks for the feedback and recommendations. My in laws have ordered from Tiger sheds, a bit of a lag on delivery but should be here start of June. Robert
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    So my inlaws in Edinburgh want a new garden shed for storage to replace their existing one. Basically looking for a 10 x 6 pent roof. Local joiner has quoted them 3k to build one. From what he says I am assuming it is to be built from scratch if he gets the job. I don't have time to build one...
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    Interesting Christmas gift

    Its all great fun until the cops pay a visit, talking about s 5 (1A) a of the Firearms Act 1968, and your brief mentions the 5 year minimum sentence..... https://keithborer.co.uk/news/it-torch-lighter-or-stun-gun
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    Refinishing a clock

    A wee note of thanks. Stripped the clock with nitromors, meths having had no impact. Lacquered with Halfords lacquer, knocked back with 0000 wool and finished with a couple of coats of wax. To me at least it looks like it used to to, sitting on my Granny's mantelpiece in Inverness 50 years...
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    Refinishing a clock

    Thanks for all the responses. Applying finishes successfully is definitely my weak point, so grateful for all the input. I have had the clock mender remove the mechanism to overhaul. I will see if I can remove the brass brassware and glass w/o damaging them. I have meths (my go to degreaser...
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    Refinishing a clock

    Thank you, that's very helpful. I've attached some pictures that show the problem. One side is fine. The top is fine on the same side. The other side and the font are rough. I'm not very experienced at finishing. I guess I'll strip it and see if there is a big colour mismatch. Nitromors...
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    Refinishing a clock

    I have a 1950s mantel clock of little commercial but much sentimental value. It has a varnished finish which on one half of the clock has blistered badly as a result of being exposed to the sun. I want to refinish it. I can strip the damaged side easily enough, as it is flaking off the the...
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    Cedar strip canoe - moving swiftly on

    Looking forward to following this. +1 for Fyne Boats- I just finished a stitch and glue kayak from plans I got from them - good service and quite quick delivery on epoxy and the like. If you haven't found them yet, have a look at Nick Shades videos on You Tube - cedar strip nirvana. It's a bit...
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    sealing between window and wall

    Hi there. I'm also in Fife, and have slowly been working my way through my sash and case windows during lockdown. I'm in a Victorian semi, 3 stories high, and the windows were desperately needing attention. Most of them were painted shut. I'm on sash 20 out of 32, freeing them up, sorting the...
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    Tool id

    So apparently there was a silversmith cousin. Who knew.
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    Tool id

    That’s great . Many thanks. I guess the shininess wore off ! Of course it raises more questions - but I suppose someone in the family’s had a hobby. My grandads been gone 50 years, and the house was built by his father in law 50 years before that. Tidying up 100 years of family history, one...
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    Tool id

    Yes, I know it’s a hammer. Any ideas as to its purpose .? Found it when cleaning out my grandfathers tools in Inverness. Is it a toy, or would it have had A particular use ?Photo is on an A4 piece of paper for scale. No markings, or name on it. Weighs 107 grams. Perfectly balanced. Robert
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    anyone had success with homeade bandsaw tyres?

    Did a quick Google, apparently it is a clone of a Clarke CBS 190 (or perhaps the clarke is the clone of the ferm), so you may be able to get spares from Clarke. Just a suggestion. Robert
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    what clamps to get?

    I have a couple of sets of these that I bought many years ago when building garage doors. Don't use them that often, but when you need a long clamp you simply attach the appropriate length of timber and Roberts your mothers brother. http://www.screwfix.com/p/irwin-record- ... heads/1945 Robert
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    Traditional meets modern meets 'just because' Workstation

    It looks like the sort of desk Jules Verne would have. Perhaps to be used while wearing your velvet smoking jacket. I have no idea what I would do with it, but I want one.
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    Oiling Walnut Kitchen Worktop

    I was struggling with this recently on beech worktops. Although I was removing the excess oil after applying and then polishing with a clean dry cloth when dry I was being left with a dull and rather rough surface. After reading up on it I then applied a further coat by rubbing the entire...
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    Daft question, for people who wear glasses in the workshop..

    I used to struggle when I used disposable masks. I always ended up just removing the mask but eventually after getting concnered re the health implications I bought a Trend Airace last year, and not had a problem since. I'm sure a powered mask would be even better, but the Trend is comfortable...
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    End caps on hardwood worktop

    Thank you all for your helpful responses. I had intended simply to ignore the suggestion that the worktop be 30 mm from the range, largely for reasons of aesthetics, but also as Tim points out all sort of stuff will inevitably find its way down the sides of the cooker. The installation guide...
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    End caps on hardwood worktop

    Worktop express. I can probably fit metal ones. Their website mentions the use of wooden end caps, "When a worktop is to be fitted near a freestanding oven (i.e. an oven that is not housed in a cabinet, such as a range cooker) allow a minimum gap of 30mm all the way around the worktop, and fit...