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  1. J

    Wanted Festool Domino df700

    Hi, if anyone is looking to sell their df700, I'm after one. Looking to spend between £500-£800 depending on condition, amount of cutters and dominoes ect. Cheers Josh
  2. J

    Leigh dovetail jig

    Hi I've recently acquired a Leigh super 18 jig. I've been testing it with over pass half blind dovetails. The jig works well with 14mm tail boards but when I try 9mm tail boards I'm having issues. When I move the finger guides to the 9mm position I'm routing too deep into the pins board, if I...
  3. J

    Advice on hardware

    Hi I wondered if anyone could suggest an attractive hinge and stay for a drop down door for the cabinet bellow. The door will be 20mm and the cabinet 30mm and needs to be overlay. I know I can get a euro style hinge with a 30mm overlay but wondered if there is anything else a bit prettier? Also...
  4. J

    Books on external door construction

    Hi I wondered if anyone could recommend a good book on external door construction, especially looking at solid timber construction, hardware choices and weather proofing. Cheers Josh
  5. J

    Sliding dovetails or not

    Hi I've been asked to build a table to very minimalist design, the table has no aprons and I'm attaching the legs as shown with bolts into threaded inserts through elongated holes, my question is do people think the bolts will be enough to keep the top flat or any I best adding some siding...
  6. J

    Wadkin bao problem

    Hi I have a 12" 3 phase wadkin bao that I run off a transwave converter. It's been running fine then today I went to start it, it tried to start up then went dead. I tried to start again and it's completely dead, I looked at the switches and wire connections and nothing seems to be wrong. I took...
  7. J

    Kitchen units

    Hi I'm building a kitchen for myself this year I'm using b/BB birch ply for the units and wondered what people's thoughts were on what finish to use for the inside? Biggest concern is durability but would also like a natural looking finish, also anyone with experience building higher end...
  8. J

    Sliding dovetail coffee table

    Hi a few days ago I was asking for info on gluing a sliding dovetail and had some feedback on this coffee table design, some felt the lack of stretches at the ends of the end of table looked odd, here's the final piece ( I like the design but each to their own) I decided to use a screw in the...
  9. J

    To glue or not to glue

    Hi I'm in the process of a coffee table build, I'm using tapered sliding dovetails to attach the top to the rails and wondered whether it'd be better to glue the sliding dovetail, partially glue it or use no glue? Context: table is Oak , two stretches are fixed to the top with the sliding...
  10. J

    Yorkshire timber yard recommendation

    Hi just wanted to recommend Albion Timber yard in Sheffield. It's a one man business run by a young guy called David. He's pretty well stocked in common hardwoods especially air dried native wood. He's a friendly guy who makes time for you even if you're just after small quantities which is...
  11. J

    Parf guide rental

    Hi I'm looking to build an 8x4 mft top and wondered if anyone had a parf guide system they'd like to rent me? If not I'll look to build my own jig Cheers Josh
  12. J

    Wadkin bzb 20 help

    Hi I bought a wadkin bzb 20 a few months ago and have finally set up a phase converter to start using it. I saw it working from a 3 Phase supply when I bought it but now it won't start, I press the button and nothing happens, I know the socket I'm plugging into is fine as I've run my 3 Phase...
  13. J

    Lvlp sprayer

    Hi I have a cheap 24lt compressor and want to start spraying, just a couple of doors and some end panels currently, but may do more in the future, I wondered if any one has used a lvlp sprayer with a small compressor? If I get more spraying work I'll look at a bigger compressor and hvlp set up...
  14. J

    Planning a kitchen build for next year

    Hi I'm currently designing, planning and budgeting for a kitchen I'm building next summer for my house. The layout is very simple, two runs of floor cabinets that return into a chimney breast . One side will have 3 banks of drawers and a corner unit, the other side will have space for a...
  15. J

    Homemade rotary phase converter

    Hi has anyone had any experience building a rotary phase converter? I’m currently weighing up my options of running a 3 phase wadkin bao and considering this Thanks josh
  16. J

    New workshop roof

    Hi I’m planning on building a garden workshop in the new year and wanted some advice concerning the roof. Permitted development means I’m limited to a flat roof, and finances are quite tight so im Considering a corrugated sheet roof My main goals are for the roof to be watertight and not...
  17. J

    P/ t problem

    Hi I purchased a used kity p/t a few months ago but have only just got round to using it, this is the first p/t I’ve used so I’m trying to figure it out as I go. The problem I’m having is when using it as a thicknesser the timber doesn’t want to go through, it’s as it it’s hitting something and...
  18. J

    Extension leads

    Hi So I've managed to convince a friend to let me use his garage as a workshop, only thing is it doesn't have power and is 50/60m down his garden. Largest tools I plan on getting are a single phase table saw (an old wadkin maybe) and a planer/thicknesser kity 636 or something similar size...
  19. J

    Which planer

    Hi So I'm currently trying to decide between a couple of planner thicknessers on eBay , a kity 636 or an elu pt 260 clone I'm after a reliable accurate machine that will be manageable to lift in and out of a doorway. Wondered if anyone had any experience of either of these machines or brands...
  20. J

    Kity planers

    Hi I'm quite new to woodworking so please excuse my lack of knowledge, I'm looking to get a decent planer thicknesser on a small budget and from reading previous threads think getting a second hand kity or similar would be my best option At the moment I have no work space inside and so bring my...