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    Alcove Storage - WIP Lots of Piccies

    I've been making some clothes and toy storage for my son on either side of the chimney breast. I'd like to say big thanks to various people and threads on here that have given me ideas and inspired me, especially Armstrong Jordan and Brad Naylor. So, we have a standard-issue chimney breast...
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    Great service - Nuneaton Axminster

    They say if you experience bad customer service you tell 10 people, but if you get good you only tell 2... In an effort to redress this balance I'd just like to say a big thankyou to Axminster in Nuneaton and recommend them wholeheartedly. They price-matched me on a tool I was looking to buy (I...
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    Spalted Beech Available

    A few years ago I had a beech tree taken down by my house and have finally managed to get it planked up. It is all spalted and there is some very nice timber there. I was intending to make a monster workbench out of it but SWMBO is now saying it's so lovely she wants some furniture/kitchen...
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    Wall cupboard - WIP

    I have been asked to make an oak wall cupboard by a family friend to hold their glasses in the kitchen. I have a bit of oak lying around, some of it quite nicely figured so I said I'd sort something out. The dimensions are about 4ft wide by 12inches high and 9.5inches deep. That means the...
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    Mobile bandsaw mill

    Does anyone know if there is anyone operating a mobile bandsawing (or chainsaw?) mill anywhere near Spalding, South Lincolnshire as I have a massive beech tree and some other timber (ranging from 1 ft diameter to 3 ft diameter) that I would like to get planked up so I can then dry it and use it...
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    Record No 4 plane - space for fingers?

    I seem to be veering into the handtool section...! Just picked one of these up at a bootfair and have cleaned, adjusted and sharpened it up and been having a play with it. Forgive my ignorance but this is my first go with a no 4. Up until now I have only owned a number 5, but there is no...
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    Plane advice

    I have only one plane - an ancient Stanley No 5. It sharpens up fine but it's really rather more of a rough and ready thing than a precision instrument. I am looking for something to use for fine finishing so reckon a block plane is what I need (unless anyone wishes to tell me otherwise?)...
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    Shocking Tax Plans

    I don't normally like to get involved in political arguments, but I feel compelled to share this with as many people as possible: http://www.monbiot.com/archives/2011/02/07/a-corporate-coup-detat/ Apologies in advance for raising anyone else's blood pressure!
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    Traditional Casement Window

    I have to make six windows for my house. Four are replacements, two are new but all are a similar style. There is only one original one left (completely rotten) but I am trying to copy it as closely as possible. This leads to a selection of new techniques for me but I hope you may be interested...
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    Drive Belt for Scheppach HMS260

    My drive belt (rubber/material belt from the motor to the planer blades) is falling to pieces (and clogging up the roller chain mech but that's another story...). Does anyone know where I can get a replacement, ideally without paying a small fortune for what is really just a bit of reinforced...
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    Window shutters and boxes - first project - WIP

    Right, here we go for my first project, with pictures. Actually, having started this I have to say I’m very impressed that you all manage to do the pictures as you go because I kept forgetting! My previous carpentry experience has been fairly rough and ready, and mostly involved MDF so go...
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    Vertical shutter lifts

    Does anyone have any idea where I can buy some lifting devices for VERTICAL sliding shutters. These are the ones that are on sash cords like windows but drop down into a box in front of the windows. In order to get them out they traditionally have a couple of round brass fittings that drop down...
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    Advice on planer thicknesser

    I am looking to buy a P/T. The reason I want it is that I have bought a load of (cheap) timber which is rough sawn and odd-sized, and having spoken to various timber merchants the cost of getting it sized will be quite high, plus I need it for a variety of projects (some shutters, flooring and a...