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    Think I have the perfect dust mask, now I just need to bring it home

    This handy wee mask will sort ALL of my dust issues. Not a chance of any getting to my lungs next time I am using power tools. Just need to get it and myself out of the Covid ward first.🤣
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    Woodworking plans

    About 15 years ago, I paid for a collection of woodworking plans. Got a CD rom sent and it was full of PDF’s etc that someone had downloaded from the internet. I lost that disk maybe 14 years and 364 days ago as I put it in a safe place 🤨 I moved house 2 times since then and never came across...
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    Today’s lesson “NEVER POINT”

    My good lady walked into my garage today and straight away said “Is that a new tool” Yes it was and I was caught red handed with it out on display, I knew this day would come so I just said “yes, had it over a month now” HAD I stopped at that point all would have been well but no, I had to...
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    Measurements not measuring up

    Question. I have a handful of tape measures, rulers etc that I use, I can swap between two or three of them during a project depending on my memory (where did I put that???) and the space that I am measuring in. was setting up a cut on my table saw sledge yesterday and used an old metal ruler...
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    Really annoyed myself believing **** online

    Sorry, bit of a rant at myself. So I needed some cheap chairs for the garden, spent a while searching google and came across a lot of “2x4 make great cheap chairs/benches) Thought great, 2x4 are cheap cough, and jumped in with both feet, only got a small car so ordered it from Wickes, Wood...
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    I can’t be the only one to do this

    Just spent a few hours with hand plane fettling my latest project. Amazed on the amount of shavings you can produce. Well, I was about to call it a night so got my Lidl shop vac out, set it up and switched it on then watched in horror as I blew all the shavings towards the other side of the...
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    Lidl visit

    So, today is the day that Lidl started to sell their electric Brad nailer (I don’t have the room or authorisation for a compressor) so at 8:15 am I was there along with a number of other bargain hunters. Picked up the Brad nailer and some drill bits and bobs. Got home and texted “she who must be...
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    Time for a new blade

    Just swapped the blade from my evolution mitre saw for a blade more suited to wood working. Guess this is why the cuts haven’t been great for a while.
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    Wood storage

    Hello, just wondering, how long you give from buying the wood (from B&Q/Wickes/Homebase) and stacking it in your working area, till you start chopping and using? I personally don’t have space to store full lengths but I keep reading that you should let wood settle in your workspace for anything...
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    Newbie question on Treated wood

    Hello, just wondering what’s you view on using treated lumber for wood projects, I’m currently pricing up some 2x4s to make a solid workbench for my garage and wickes have their treated CLS 2x4 on clearance, save £1.56 per 3000mm length. I’m on a tight budget so makes sense but just wanted to...