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    Tide marks on shellac finish

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to finish a teak coffee table with Boiled Linseed Oil followed by a shellac top coat. The oil is easy but I'm having trouble with the shellac. I'm using a homemade concoction of dewaxed blonde shellac flakes + meths , applied by paint brush, with a light rub between...
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    Oil finish for an idigbo front door step/threshold

    I have a hardwood front door and threshold. I'm fairly sure it's idigbo. The whole thing is painted, but inevitably the paint on the threshold is not doing well. So, I think I should strip it and oil it. The question is, what with? I've used osmo successfully on other outdoor stuff but the osmo...
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    How to change career to woodworking

    I bet I’m not alone among serious amateur woodworkers in wondering whether I could make it professionally. My current desk-based career is fairly well-paid but otherwise unrewarding. It just doesn’t make me spring out of bed in the morning. I’m confident I would be much happier making stuff...
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    How to remove furniture paste/wax before painting

    I want to recycle some furniture covered in Black Bison furniture wax/paste. In its next incarnation it will be painted. Any experience or tips for removing the wax? Mix a solution of 1 cup of white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar to make a natural abrasive cleaner, is one idea...
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    Quick saw sharpening question/poll

    I have one 10tpi 10-inch tenon saw sharpened in a ripcut pattern. I find it a bit too short to cut thicker boards to length so have just acquired (but not yet taken delivery of) a 14 inch big brother. Is it worth sharpening this one in a crosscut pattern? It also has 10tpi. Some say it is not...
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    Any recommendations/tips/views for CAD/3D modelling software

    Does anyone in here use CAD or 3D modelling software to help them design their woodworking projects? If so, any views on which is the best package? I am hopeless at drawing (I mean stickman hopeless), and so have been thinking about using a computer to help visualise sizes and proportions...
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    Need for a jointer plane

    Hi guys, first timer here. I'm an amateur woodworker of about 5 years with a preference for hand tools, due both to lack of a big workshop and some romantic notions about craft skills. Over time I've accumulated all the bench planes between 3 and 6 and these have served me well on...