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    FS: Furniture and Cabinet Making Magazines.

    I have over a hundred copies of F&C dating back to October 2010 with by the looks of it only issue 183 missing and they are in good condition. I'd like £60 ono for the lot. Postage and packing would be £8 or you would be welcome to collect from Liphook, Hampshire.
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    maple, anyone?

    I've got some you can have for the cost of postage. Send me a pm. Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    I've ran out of Wurth woodslide

    Nothing like reviving a 3 year old thread to get 'dormant' members to respond :shock: It isn't.
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    Festool Surfix - sort of

    Apparently not :oops: I did eventually get the surfix and tried it out and shortly afterwards sold it as I didn't get on with it. I have reverted to using osmo with a roller (on big areas) or a brush (on edges and smaller areas) and ragging off with paper towel. The problem with the sufix was...
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    Woodwork UK

    I'm a moderator on WWUK and have informed the site admin for you. If you can send me a PM on this board with the email address you are using to register with then I will pass it on.
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    Help me choose a cordless drill set

    To get the CXS at that price contact Warren at Bunny's Bolts in Woking http://www.toolfest.co.uk
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    Underpricing yourself

    Its only when things kick off on UKW and toys start flying from prams that I find it worth following a thread :wink:
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    Doctor Bob's Workshop open day 17th May

    I'm hoping to get there and just wondered if anyone would be interested in an assortment of dust extraction bits. I'm not looking for any money for them but the deal is that it is all or nothing - if I'm going to drag it out of the workshop and put it in the van I don't want to be putting it...
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    Upvc for sofits and facia

    I've used angel plastics on several occasions and they have always been competitive on pricing and helpful. I'm fortunate in that because I'm quite close they usually deliver to me on their own vehicle so I've not had issues with damaged goods.
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    Staining hands

    +1 for half a lemon, and then when your hands are clean you can use the lemon to mske lemon tea - you won't notice it has a bit more tanin in it.
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    stop finger print rust

    I suffer from rusty fingers although I only really notice it on my Lee Valley Planes. When I notice it, I just remove it with some webrax. I don't oil my planes - the only lubrication that goes near them is candle wax scribbled on the soles.
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    Green timber treatment

    Just wait until next week when summer will be over for another 11.5 months. :lol:
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    finishing the edge of MDF

    I have. You can get it here. Iron it on trim it back and you're done. If you have a decent saw - panel saw or track saw with a sharp fine blade - then you don't need to sand it at all with the strong possibility of rounding over the edge. NB. No affiliation to edgeband.co.uk, just a satisfied...
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    The price some people charge - a personal rant!

    +1 =D> Quite right. I only really come to UKW to see what is on sale at Aldi / Lidl this week or what treasures have been found at the weekends carboot sales :roll: I certainly don't expect to read anything related to making things from wood. And to the OP and others, if you think the price...
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    Dust inhalation

    A chip collector, unless fitted with plastic waste sacks and a fine filter will be the biggest cause of fine airborne dust in a workshop. Workshop air cleaners are quite effective but to be effective need to be run constantly and need to be cleaned regularly - for which a good workshop vac with...
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    Dust inhalation

    So, how many people, paranoid about dust inhalation replace their masks at least every 28 days? At around £20 a pop, after a couple of years you could have afforded to buy a decent dust extraction system which is the prefered method according to the HSE of dealing with dust.
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    Dust inhalation

    This document from the HSE might be worth reading. Interesting to note that MR MDF probably doesn't contain formaldehyde and so has another advantage over the cheap stuff in addition to being easier to finish. That said even the MDF containing formaldehyde doesn't seem to be that dangerous...
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    HITACHI NR 90 GR2 round head nailer

    I have the NR90 GC2 - the clipped head version which is compatible with paslode nails and gas so they are readily available. Gun works as well as any gas nailer, that is to say if the weather is cold and you are working outside you will probably be at the very least tempted to throw it in a...