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    FTAGH - copies of F&C

    Back issues of Furniture & Cabinetmaking (and others ie. BW and FWW): (260.72 KiB) This is only half of them with No.1 on top. FTAGH; collection from Salisbury - Rob
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    Crown Cryo 19mm Skew Chisel - SOLD

    Crown Cryo 19mm Skew chisel, little used, pretty much brand new. For sale at £33 inc p&p - Rob
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    Large Workshop Square - Reduced

    I bought this from Axminster some years ago and it's rarely been used; in fact this size appears not to be available any more. I checked the outside with an Ax 'Precision' 225mm square and it's true, but the interior angle is a tiny fraction out, less than 0.5mm As it's a fairly weighty...
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    Shapton Ceramic Glass Stones

    A general query really about these stones please. Does, or has anybody used them? Pros & cons (apart from the hideous price :D ) Can they be used with a honing guide? TIA - Rob
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    Puzzled..Pitch Pine or Nae?

    I don't normally do this, but I'm puzzled and would value your opinions. Many years ago (over thirty) I salvaged some timber off a beach, from which I subsequently made a blanket chest, which served us well over the decades. I've just recently made another, so I broke up the original one and...
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    Specialist Planes

    First up is a Record 0114 Compass plane. This is pretty old but is in absolute tip top condition; I bought it many years ago from Martin King (late of this forum) and I have never, ever used it, so it's time for it to find a new home. One of the problems with this type of compass plane is...
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    Japanese vs Western Saws

    Following on from the thread about 'Learning Dovetail Joint' on the General Woodwork forum, a question arose about Japanese saws as compared to their Western equivalents. I've used them exclusively for years to do finer stuff and I thing they're great, but I have a range of bigger Western saws...
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    The Precision Sander

    This is a little sander I usually make from time to time when I need to sand where other bits of sandpaper won't go: the 'Precision Sander'. Essentially is a block of wood with a bit of sandpaper stuck to it in such a way that it's very, very accurate in use. The current job uses a number of...
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    Japanese Saw - SOLD

    A Japanese cross-cut Gyokucho dozuki from Workshop Heaven. I've had this saw for several years and have recently replaced the blade, so it's effectively a brand new saw. In addition there's also another brand new replacement blade. For sale at £33 which includes packing and courier delivery - Rob
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    Bar Stool(s)

    Bar stools in ash, finished with a couple of coats of Osmo Raw with wax over the top, 18/8 stainless steel footrests fitted, screwed in place with A4 Torx head screws: Based on an original design by Oscar Pipson from new Zealand, using doweled construction - Rob
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    Small Router Planes - Sold

    A couple of small router planes which are now surplus; firstly an Axminster Rider 271: £22 to include p&p SOLD Secondly, a miniature Veritas router plane with a domino used as a size comparison. This can be mistaken for a toy, but is very useful for getting into really small places...
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    So What's In Your (Star Trek) Mug?

    Following on from the Plane Handling thread (topic120735-15.html) a light hearted look at what's actually in my Star Trek mug (which was purloined from my son when he was about 8...he's now 32) : As you can see, it's pretty full up but what's in it? First and foremost, several strips of...
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    Bridge City Hand Planes

    Spotted on the Ax site, a couple of new BC planes . I can't decide whether I like them, a complete waste of time (and money) or something new and innovative. Views; yay or nae? Mike G ought to have a pair though :lol: :lol: :lol: - Rob
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    The current project is a bar stool based on Oscar Pipson's 'Elka' design. The prototype has gone from this confection of pine blocks... ...which looks like something Picasso knocked up in his T break. After much grinding, gouging, spokeshaving and rasp work the final form is beginning to...
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    Ax. No.4 Rider, Gouges and Awl; Prices reduced

    This is the original Axminster Rider prototype No.4 from which all the current range of 'Rider' bench planes are derived. It was made as a 'one off' with the body and frog being cast in brass: The plane has never been used 'in anger', though I have flattened the sole and fitted a...
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    International Woodworking Festival - London

    A 'heads up' for anyone interested. Derek Jones, erstwhile editor of F&C has a new woodworking festival organised for the 26-27 Oct. Looks to be a good line up of workshops, demonstrators and the obligatory bazar with all (or most) of the usual suspects - Rob
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    Another One.....

    I heard the buzz of a chainsaw yesterday, so being a Nosey Parker, I had a little wander over to the source of the racket to see if there were any likely chunks suitable for turning. It turned out that another.... ...Walnut tree (the whole thing!) was in the process of being reduced to...
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    Power Carving..Advice Needed

    The current project(s) which I've just started is a variation on Oscar Pipson's bar stool which has a deeply dished seat and the underside is heavily sculpted into the legs as well. I thought that power carving would be the obvious route to take as there's a lot of material to remove and sand...
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    Quercus Magazine

    Just had a 'heads up' from a mate about Nick Gibb's new publication, soon to be launched. From InstaG..." Working wood by hand (mostly), chairmaking, toolmaking & sharpening, plus carving, new products and much more" Sounds promising and it appears that Nick has fully recovered from that rta he...
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    Wine Tables

    Completed this morning; a pair of wine tables in Elm with solid burr Elm tops: Constructed using dominos and finished with six coats of Peacock Oil which was left for a week in a very warm workshop to cure, then finished with a good application of Alfie Shine, again left for three days to...