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    I love photography...

    ... and possibly Photoshop, but hey.
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    Can you anneal brass like copper?

    I have some thick-enough pieces of thin brass sheet (formerly striker plates for door locks), that I can re-purpose for new locks (which didn't come with the correct plates!), but I will need to flatten and re-bend them. I know that copper anneals pretty easily, just by heating and then...
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    Dowel plates? Sensibly priced, & not a transatlantic purchase?

    As subject: I am planning my new bench top and would like to have a dowel plate(s) inset, but I haven't so far found anything here at a sensible price. I've been a bit surprised that they aren't more common (but my Google search terms might be poorly chosen). I am wondering about making one...
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    Gandhi's glasses

    On the BBC web site: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-53706809 A friend of mine used to edit the Bristol bit of the site (not sure if he still does), and he has a wicked sense of humor. I really hope he wrote this piece... So in short, a Bristol Auction house has been given a...
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    Service and support

    This comes from the audio industry, this week. I have anonymised it to protect the guilty, but I'm pretty staggered: This is a brand leader in their field, not an ebay seller at all. I wrote to them outlining significant errors and omissions in their datasheet, and asking for sufficient...
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    Sound deadening a Chevy, and some small calculations

    I have a telly in the bathroom*. I like to watch/listen to junk TV in the morning (Pick/Quest), as the ad breaks help me time things like washing my eyes, and make sure I don't linger in the bath too long. But Pick has just started showing series 8 of Wheeler Dealers. This morning one episode...
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    Bosch cordless - YEEHA, now fixed!

    It's one of these: I am very fond of it, and it's probably my most used power tool by a country mile. But... after lending it to a neighbour, it returned with the chuck jammed wide open (everything else is fine). I can't free up the chuck (yet!), I think because the scroll is damaged - it was...
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    Wood: you believe it?

    A short history of wood in space (by a space scientist). Enjoy... https://youtu.be/gtxYP9fLMmk
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    "All Creatures Great And Small" (BBC2)

    My wife didn't have a TV in the house as a child, so there are a number of my own 'childhood staples' that we now watch together when they come up. Examples being Star Trek and M.A.S.H., but there are many others. Some don't stand the test of time too well, but we stumbled across the first two...
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    Anybody know about Felco secateurs?

    My wife has a pair, Felco Model #7, that were a present and are rather "special" to her (even though they get rather abused). They are really nicely made, if a little quirky, and muggins here has to maintain them, including sharpening them (although I'm not allowed to actually use them). I am...
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    Type-K thermocouples - any users out there?

    I'm refurbishing our solar heating system (oh the joys of lockdown!), and I would like to neaten-up the thermocouple wiring. The annoying bit goes up to the sensor on the roof. The cable is far too long, and a lot of it is in a (literally) tacky coil "secured" to a rafter with insulating tape...
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    Stanley #50: tells terrible jokes & sozzled at parties...

    [persevere - there is a question near the bottom!] You know how you really want to like someone, but they have odd "social" problems? My Stanley #50 combi plane is one such - we get on famously together for a few minutes, then it all starts to get really awkward. I think it's getting p*ssed...
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    Bristol area: Stolen property haul - check if stuff's yours

    In case someone on here (in the Bristol area) has had tools pinched recently... I got a Neighbourhood watch circular today: "Police have launched an online gallery: http://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/recoveredproperty in a bid to return suspected stolen property to its rightful owner...
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    Bland(-ish) chemicals - retail supplier?

    I've just used the last of my hoarded IPA (isopropyl alcohol) to clean the eyepieces of my wife's binoculars. She doesn't deserve it as she _never_ puts the caps on, nor uses the pouch they came with. They are nice bins, expensive and carefully chosen and it's infuriating to see them...
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    Green and Black fix?

    Nope, not chocolate. Toolstation have gone "upmarket" it seems, even selling both sizes of Domino machines. However, unless I am mistaken--and I have tried a few different search terms on their, ehem, "delightful" web site--they sell no Domino consumables separately, neither cutters nor the...
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    Library strip clips: do you know of strong ones?

    We just had an "interesting moment" with some library strip. I had just been right up at the top, on a stepladder, hoovering above the pediment, and my better half had been minding the Hoover on the sofa below. I'd just finished and was about to come down, dusting as I went. She got up onto...
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    Clarke CDP 351F (pillar drill) bearing info

    In case this helps someone else... I am fed up with the noise, vibration, runout, etc., so, after Christmas, I will replace as many bearings as I can, and the two drive belts. In each case I'll buy decent bearings rather than the cheap ones fitted. SKF ought to improve matters. But the Clark...
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    ISIHAC does Wickes

    The panel were asked to suggest new slogans for established businesses: "Wickes: our doors never close!" Outstanding. :-)
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    FTAGH: Small printer's guillotine

    If you ever thought a tablesaw without a riving knife was dangerous... at least you'll probably get a 'spare part' that could be sewn back on with this machine, but in every other respect it should be considered terrifying to any living creature with opposable thumbs. That said, this guillotine...
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    SawStop again - law of unintended consequences?

    I'm posting this only because it informs what is becoming quite a heated debate. I don't have a firm view either for or against SawStop as a technology, although the current owners of the intellectual property seem to be rather agressive in their defence of their IP. I have, however, always...