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    tacwise 140el nailer/ stapler

    I bought one of these, and it wouldnt fire nails at any price, then the stapler would only fire once , and it had to be open pushed back together and one more staple fired, now its packed up altogether, anyone got any ideas how to fix it please, I did contact tacwise, but silence has been their...
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    hi, its been a while since I posted on here, been busy house move etc. just finished this intarsia galleon, found the image on the net downloaded a picture , resized it , measured each piece, and this is the result it measures about 25 inches square, took a fair while. Also made a shepherds...
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    hi made this for my wife yesterday a a Steve good pattern, the candles need fastening down in the right place take care john
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    found these on Steve goods site, cut a set for my wife and now I have orders for 4 more sets. take care John
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    shepherds hut

    hi this is my latest project a shepherds hut, I could not find any plans for one anywhere, but did find 3 measurements, for a 1/12 scale one length, width and Hight, so sat down with pencil and paper and designed one, and I am useless at using computer design programs, here is the up to date...
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    last weeks work

    hi again this the piece I did last week, its a Jim Bloom free pattern, this took 15 hours to complete, and I loved every minute of the cut, it is on 3/4 reclaimed pine. take care John
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    another project finished

    I finished this last week a Jim Blume pattern . take care John
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    last projesct

    just finished this, A wayne Mahler pattern, out of stack cut 3 mm Baltic birch plywood, I had to enlarge the original pattern to 160%, and should I do it again, would enlarge it to a3 size, just so my tired old eyes can see where the blade is going take care John
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    new machine

    hi it has been a while since I posted on here, things have been a bit hectic what with being flooded, lock down and filling orders, time has just vanished, I have just bought a proxxon mini table saw, the 230 model - cheapest - from Axminster tools just took it out of the box and was pleasantly...
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    EX 30 new scroll saw

    Got a replacement ex 30 for my old one , not many weeks ago, and already the problems are starting, last night while cutting 3 cms piece of wood, the blade eused to go where i wanted it to , so checked everything out, and found the bottom bush on the linkage that holds the pegas chuck is shot...
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    hi again started a new project over the weekend, of a galleon, i found the picture on the interweb and blew it up to 45cms wide and 75 high,just working off of the picture and so far it has taken 2.5 hours
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    golden eagle in flight intarsia pattern

    hi in a total change of pace, I am looking for a intarsia pattern of a Golden eagle, I appear to tried all the normal site and searches,but only bald eagles turn up,at a pinch I would try an osprey. thanks in advance. take care John
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    new ex30 scroll saw

    Hi I received my new saw today and got it running tonight, cut a couple of nine piece puzzles, it was dad quiet and no vibrations, the old one must have been on the fritz a long time. take care John
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    axminster ex 30 scroll saw

    hi if any of you have been following my other posts on this subject, here is the conclusion, Last week I wrote an email to the CEO of axminster stating my concerns, and problems, today I got a call and was offered two alternatives my old saw fixed, or a new saw replacement, but it would only...
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    record power bs300e this band saw now sold

    hi I am selling my record power bs300e band saw as it has hardly been used for the past two years, it is approximately three and half years old,eighteen months left on warranty, which record power will not pass on to the new owner, there are three blades to go with it a 1/8 th new // 1/4 new...
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    axminster ex 30 vibration problems

    hi again here's hoping you and your family's are all well, Having recently fitted a new set of blade clamps to my ex 30 , all went well for a while,and now the saw just wants to vibrate its self to pieces, I have checked all the holding down bolts and screws all tight, checked all the bolts...
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    pegas blade clamp problems

    hi tonight my tension arm has stopped working any help would be gratefully received, could it be the spring gone?? the screws to tighten the blade have just about given up the ghost. and not possible to get spares, tried bearwoods in Canada, as they seem to be the only ones who keep bits an...
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    magnifying light

    anyone got any thoughts on which on to get please?? take care John
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    axminster scroll saw

    hi I have an ex 30 and have problems with arm drop, contacted axminster today - again - and seem to have got to the heart of the problem, there is a ball bearing on the end of the adjusting and it can get a flat on it, hence arm problems, I am getting a new part sent out and hopefully this will...
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    latest cuts

    hi just found these cut a couple and posted them on my site on Facebook and have got 18 more orders. Still have problems with the top arm on my ex30 scroll saw sometimes it stays up, sometimes it drops without warning, and it sometimes locks up in the upright position and has to be forced...