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    A question for planemakers - Secondary bevels on dovetailed plane

    Hi All I'm in the process of making a copy (more-or less) of a Spiers panel plane. I've got the dovetails cut on one side of the sole (with a few gaps :( which I hope will fill when I start peining) ...see pics...and am contemplating the secondary bevels that enable the locking of the sides...
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    Norris #61

    Hi I was wondering if the Norris experts on here would be able to advise whether the handle on this looks original please. It looks OK in other respects to me. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/antiques-collectables/tools/listing/3105939444?bof=xm7f1oDo Cheers Richard
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    Moore and Wright combination square

    Hi Folks I've always thought a good combination square would be handy. I spied this Moore and Wright 992...I think from the early 1960s? I'm assuming that they were very well made back then and this would likely be accurate. Is that a reasonable assumption. Would a new Starrett be a better...
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    Spiers number 1...blinged

    Hi there thought I'd share my latest toy which I bought off a local auction site - obtained for a reasonable price I'll add. A Spiers #1 panel plane. It is generally in great condition...iron, infills (particularly the back)...but, oh dear, how it has been blinged. I guess it must have had...
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    Help with a spokeshave please

    Hi All I've used spokeshaves from time to time, mostly on things like guitar necks, and have a couple of older Stanley flat-soled spokeshaves that work fairly well, one with the 2 adjusters and one without...actually the one without is probably the better tool. But I'm far from proficient with...
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    Can anyone identify this infill plane please?

    Hi spotted this on a local auction site https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listin ... 2654407201 It looks in really nice condition but has no identification, so wondered if it was a 'home made' plane. Did infills made by the big makers always have a name somewhere? Cheers Richard
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    Heat treating an old chisel

    Hi there I was rummaging through my late-dad's tool box and stumbled upon an old battered cast steel Ward 1/2 inch chisel (with an embarrassing handle made from a bit of dowel). I thought if it was decent steel, I could turn a new handle and give it to my Bro on his birthday, as a keep-sake...
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    Spiers infill

    Hi - spied this on a local auction site https://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-coll ... e7268c-001 I wondered if the tote had been replaced as it looks in different condition to the rest of it (although I guess it might just have been sanded and re-finished). Overall looks in reasonable nick...
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    Old Rabone rule

    I was given this old folding rule/spirit level years ago and it languished in a drawer until, the other day, it caught my eye and I thought I'd give it a slight smarten up and get the thing folding and unfolding. It really is a lovely thing and there is something tactile about wood and brass...
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    Guitar 2

    Hi All well, it's taken over a year to get this finished so thought I'd post the result even though it is far, far from perfect. Although there were a few power-tool moments, the vast majority of the build was with hand tools, planing to thickness, shaping the neck with spokeshave and rasps...
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    Mortising with a drill press - lessons learned

    Hi I'm in the process of building a guitar which calls for a 3/8 square hole in the neck to insert a metal 'anchor' to enable attachment of the neck to the body. Anyway, since the book I'm following didn't recommend trying to make a 60 mm deep square hole by hand, I bought a 'cheap' mortise...
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    Another old saw

    Bought this S&J saw from a dingy shop (cheaply). The lighting was bad I didn't spot the deep rust pit in the middle of the blade under the surface rust. It has an ugly handle and aluminium fixtures (didn't know that was a thing) so all in all an UGLY saw. I cleaned off the rust and gave the...
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    Groves dovetail

    Hi there Picked this up at a junk shop for a trivial sum. I'd appreciate some advice on how to restore it - I presume it is worth restoring being a Groves (which I understand were a good make in the day) and being reasonably straight and not especially rusty. It looks to me like the split...
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    Tyzack backsaw

    Hi Folk. I came across this small 15 tpi Tyzack sons and Turner backsaw (the best of 4 saws I got for the total of NZ$20...10 quid). It looked like it had been rattling around in someones toolbox un-loved for quite a while judging by the scratches and dents and some of the teeth were a bit...
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    Mortice chisels (and a record shoulder plane)

    Hi All I've never chiseled a mortice - so now is my chance. Picked these and the plane up for 20 quid ($40NZ) which I think was a pretty good deal (as long as I use them). Some of the chisels look unused. They are Marples or Stormont and appear to be very good steel. The 1 inch chisel is a...
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    New block plane

    Hi All thought I'd share my latest plane. I've been meaning to finish this for years - the metal has been in a cupboard partly cut out before I lost interest. Anyway, I finally got a round tuit as they say. It's (obviously) a low angle block plane, just a bit smaller and a little lighter...
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    New Norris A5

    Hi All Well, perhaps against my better judgement, I've just bought a 'new' post-war Norris A5 off a local auction site. Its been sitting around and has developed a bit of rust but other than that has never been used. Why hasn't it been used?...no idea, but the iron is still coated with the...
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    Preston Infill Smoother

    Hi All Wondered if anyone had experience with Preston Infill smoothing planes? I have spied one on our local auction site for around 200 quid and wondered if I should take a punt (having always wanted a Norris and having not been able to find a nice one for a decent price). Does this look...
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    Help with a Jewellery box please

    Hi I have started a jewellery box for my daughter using sapele. In hindsight I wish I had bought a different wood (cherry or maple) rather than using leftovers. I had intended to rebate a floating sapele panel in the lid frame but thinking about it now it may look rather boring, being red and...
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    16 inch S and J backsaw (with a curly handle)

    Hi I've been hunting for the elusive Curly-handled backsaw (inspired by Jacob's comments) and found a couple of Spear and Jackson backsaws, one with a curly-ish handle. One is 16 inch 12 tpi and the other 12 inch 14 tpi. The reason I'm posting this (apart from a gloat, if it is in fact...