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    Which Adhesive?

    I doing a bit of work on the kitchen. A few months back a burnt an area of the worktop, so my plan is to router out and inlay this marble cutting board. What adhesive would you use or would you use something else? Any help would be appreciated :)
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    Axminster Trade AT460SS?

    Is this scroll saw still a good buy? I regret having to sell my Hegner a few months back, didn't have a choice at the time. Hopefully things have changed! I've no chance of buying another Multicut SE and can pick the AT460 up for £450.00, as against £586 for the Multicut1...How is the Axminster...
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    Jet JWSS-18B

    Has anyone had chance to use either of the Jet models? :D
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    Perform P1400B Bandsaw...Hardwood Test, Max Cutting Depth

    Axminster and DPD, what a marriage :D After finding out the Ferrex BS from Aldi is out of stock, and their customer service unable to say when or if it's coming back, I called Axminster. After a right good chat with one of the chaps I've known for a few years, I decided that whilst the Perform...
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    What Were Aldi Thinking!

    I've bought a few of the Ferrex power tools, drill/driver, impact driver and multi tool ( impulse buy at £8.00 ). I bought one Active battery charger and two 20V batteries to start, then picked up a 20/40 hoping to use that with the hedge trimmer, but they sold out so quick I ended up buying a...
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    2 Record Clamps £10.00 Toolstation

    In case anyone is after clamps, an impulse buy yesterday at Toolstation, two 12" clamps for £10.00.
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    Cabinets, Before & After.

    These are the cabinets that had spent several weeks sitting where the end table now sits. It was down to the wife putting a few house plants on the cabinets that lead to the end table. Well today, it was time to start on the cabinets, as soon as these are out of the way I can give the shed a...
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    Table Finish?

    I don't really want to ask what is the best finish as I don't have the funds, so. I have a stain, I think it's Teak, and sanding sealer. I was then thinking of a couple of coats of clear satin spray and perhaps rubbing it down with a 1000 grade wire wool. The table will be used for displaying a...
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    An End Table...All Done

    Not sure how this is going to turn out but, I'm having a go at an end table. Like the Hexagon shelves, this will be used to display house plants, at the end of the dining table...Timber, I'm using some Beech boards that have been under the car port for around four years. When I was given them...
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    The New Ferrex Bandsaw Aldi

    Looks interesting for £150.00....500W Induction motor, two speed, cuts wood to 120 mm thick, solid die-cast alloy table... https://www.aldi.co.uk/ferrex-10-inch-b ... 36E15211AF
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    Hexagon Wall Shelves...Finished

    They're up for now with some temporary plants in place, but our lass can feel a trip to the garden centre coming on for some trailers...I'm just waiting for the spray finish to arrive, I've chosen a dark grey stone effect for the outside, plain white for the inside...Anyone else have a great...
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    Jet JSS-16 Benchtop Variable Speed Scroll Saw ?

    I sold my Hegner yesterday, heart breaking but I needed funds. Today while I'm washing the car, a neighbour came over and asked if I wanted a Jet scroll saw for £40.00. I've only seen pictures, it looks new and reminds me of the Sealey I started off with a few years ago. I believe the Jet will...
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    Beall Buffing Kit SOLD/PENDING

    There's a new Wax wheel still in the wrapper, nothing wrong with the original one, I was sent the Wax by mistake after ordering a new Tripoli wheel. I used the original Tripoli on some metal work, the new one has had little use. The lathe broke early last year or the year before so this has been...
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    My Hegner Multicut SOLD

    If anyone is interested :D topic118709.html
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    Hegner Multicut Quick Scrollsaw Variable Speed...SOLD

    Full description in the link. https://www.hegner.co.uk/hegner-multicu ... -100w.html Four years old and hardly much use for a machine built to be used daily. It has a 22 inch throat so a huge cutting capacity. Blade rack included. Current price is £1138.80, selling for £600.00 collected. At...
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    Robert Sorby Pro Edge Plus Delux...SOLD

    Not a great deal of use, I'm useless with chisels and have used it more for sharpening kitchen knives. £300.00, collection only from North Manchester just a few minutes from J20/J21 on the M60.
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    Dewalt 745 Table Saw...SOLD

    Not had a huge amount of use, and mainly used for cutting sheet material with the odd pine board. I'm now using the track saw and as the car is knackered I need to raise some funds. It's 1800 watt, supplied with tools, push stick, unused mitre...Lovely rack and pinion fence which is nice and...
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    Hexagon or Honeycomb Shelves WIP...

    Something I wanted to make a few months a go for our lass, a second yarn or wool holder/shelf. I had the idea of hexagons mounted on reclaimed timber, which is something I still need to find. Anyway, now the planters are finished, yesterday I decided to have a go at one hexagon to see how it...
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    An Off Cut Delivery...

    My folks were out and about again today and picked up a few off cuts, all that was required was a donation to a local hospice, so they donated a tenner. Mainly pine with several pieces of 9 mm ply, one of 18 mm and a length of 18 mm MDF. There's lovely piece of Oak but sadly it's unusable...I...
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    A Plant Stand

    I couldn't sit around with my butt glued to the chair, and although I was going to make this before my accident, I decided to get on with as a thank you for our lass looking after me last week. I was hoping to have it finished in a day, but everything took longer than anticipated and I'm...