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    Anyone up to speed with Pre-payment (key type) electricity supply?

    I have a friend who just been allocated a semi sheltered council flat. it is one equipped with pull cords to summon assistance but not with a Warden on site. The heating is storage radiators and the council charge a flat rate for heating all year round so I assume this is un metered. The meter...
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    A few years back I opened a SIPP for my son as a tax efficient saving method during tertiary education. He has no graduated but still looking for work. Once working he can take this over. The SIPP provider was making modest charges amounting to £75 per year based as a % of fund value. Now they...
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    Withdrawn iPhone7-8 ish

    Anyone upgraded and got a reasonable condition fully working iPhone 7 or maybe 8 to sell please?
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    LUNA P/T help please

    I'm trying to help someone out who has a problem with the P/T part of a LUNA 65 combi machine. He is miles away so I can't visit even after covid restrictions lift. I could really do with a manual to try and understand how the infeed table adjustment is supposed to work so I suspect any of the...
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    Filing ltd company accounts

    Does anyone here run a limited company, do their own accounts and File them to HMRC and Companies House themselves without using an accountant ?
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    Dare I look?

    Just had a you tube suggestion of a video to look at " A new way to use your table saw" Maybe I'll look from behind the sofa later!
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    Tip: Pocket hole screw alternative

    I'm not a great user of pocket hole joints but they do have their place in some of my projects. I started off buying a jig that came with a few sizes of screws and have bought a couple of other sizes. However by the time you have allowed for coarse and fine screws and the various lengths, there...
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    Longer self edit time?

    Apparently an advantage of subscription is a longer self edit time. What does this mean? I’d be very annoyed to find myself cut off mid edit as a non subscriber.
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    Unusual raspberry behavior?

    I don't profess to be much of a gardener and prefer to put what little effort I make into things I like to eat. I've been growing raspberries for years and know the difference between Summer fruiting (fruit forms on last years growth) and Autumn fruiting (fruit forms on this years growth). This...
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    "Antique" finish for pine.

    I usually work in hardwoods but have been asked to make a chest in softwood pine. An "antique" look with a durable finish is called for. It will be jointly used for storage and coffee type table. I've heard that staining pine can be at risk of going blotchy due to differential absorption of...
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    I've realised that my will is way out of date - not been reviewed for 20 years, beneficiaries have died, my son is in his 30s not approaching teenage and no longer in need of guardians etc etc. I'm in the process of working out in my mind what I want a new will to do before contacting my...
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    Well behaved anti virus for windows

    I have a relatively old laptop dell latitude d531 that has been running like a dog recently. It uses win7 pro. Now unsupported so I went throught the process of changing to win 10 pro only to find that the graphics wont support win10 properly and draws circles as oval (wider than taller) no good...
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    Small Business Banking

    Anyone using one of the Challenger Banks to provide small business banking and care to share experiences? I set up in Aug 18 with a high street bank and am coming to the end of my free 18 months and will have to pay £90 per year. This is for 3-4 transactions per month and no overdraft etc. I'm...
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    Any one buying gold coins?

    I've been wondering about a few gold coins as a hedge in these uncertain times. Bob
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    Permissive Pigeons

    For several days now, I've noticed 3 pigeons going through what appears to be pre-mating behaviour. It does not seem to be a pair with a third pushing in. All three seem amicable and the sessions go on for several minutes at a time. I've not seen behavior like it before although I'm not an avid...
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    AnyCast wireless dongle

    Note the title should read AnyCast not ANYCAST but the forum software overrides what I wrote. I'm looking at one of these to display PC screen on a non-smart tv via one of its HDMI ports to avoid a cable snaking across the floor. Has anyone any experience with these devices They seem too cheap...
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    Calling you saw restoration types

    I have a vintage 8" Tyzack & Son dovetail saw - about 16 point to the inch. Blade body is 0.5mm/ 0.020" Nice and straight. Steel backed with a traditional wooden handle. Dirt and surface rust which scrapes off easily. It possibly belonged to my great uncle who was a cabinet maker and was...
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    What does the team think?

    I've been making some picture frames to show some prints ready mounted on light card behind glass. I'm using some medium quality hardboard ( not oil tempered stuff) in the back of the frames. The largest is about 550 x 440 mm and I wondered about treating the hardboard to keep it flat. Usually...
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    Ford 1.6TDCI turbo fault

    A female friend has just MOT'd her Focus and the tester let it through but said something needs doing to the turbo but did not make it at all clear what. Last year a similar issue was listed as an advisory. There is no exhaust noise and she say the car runs OK, uses a bit of oil but not...
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    Coopered conical waste paper bins

    These have been keeping me out of mischief recently. These include the prototype made in mdf and painted, one in ash stained medium oak and a couple made from workshop offcuts of oak, ABW etc These are made from zebrano Guess what santa might be bringing friends and relatives next month? :D