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    Tablesaw blade for cutting acrylic?

    Hi Chaps I need a 250mm, 30mm bore TS blade for cutting thin (say 3 or 4mm thick) sheets of acrylic. Freud name seems to come up a lot but their specialised plastic cutting blades don't seem to be available in UK. I've just found this https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Fre ... rial-Blade You...
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    Repairing water damaged oak top that's swelled!

    I had something leak onto my oak chest of drawers. I tried to mop it all up, thought I'd done enough but a few days later I noticed the wood has now swollen. A once uniform gap has closed in one place and the wood has protruded up. I used a hammer (and a cork backed coaster!) to try smacking it...
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    Is this aquarium cabinet strong enough?

    I'd like to get a new tank, torn between trying to build my own cabinet and buying one. I like the design of this 5 ft (roughly 450 litres one) one, it's from a reputable company (tried to blur out company info) but having opened up cabinets, one thing troubles me, look at those support...
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    Painted MDF in bathroom

    Making some storage units to snugly fit either side of a vanity unit. I've used moisture resistant MDF, primed it and will paint it with gloss paint. Do you think that's enough to keep it splash proof or would I need another clear finish on top of the paint?
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    IT geeks.. recommend any data recovery software?

    Had a corrupted SATA HD, removed it from machine and using a little enclosure connected it to a good PC. There's several gig of stuff on there but can't access it. Can you recommend any suitable software? EaseUS any good?
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    MDF in the bathroom?

    I have a little bit of space either side of a vanity unit in my bathroom. I was thinking of making a free standing small (10" wide) shelving unit to go either side of the cabinet to give myself some much needed storage. Would MDF be an ok material, I was planning to paint it but would it still...
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    Do you think this wood is any good?

    Hi all My brother in law just had a tree chopped down in his garden. He thinks it might have been Ash but not 100%. He said I can have as much as I want. Do you think these bits look any good? Should I take bark off, saw them up into smaller bits before storing them? https://imgur.com/r14ew9n
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    If there's a more reckless use of a table saw than this...

    I haven't seen it. Ladies and gentleman, the bar has been raised. Try watching this without cringing... :shock: https://youtu.be/22kQdPTwOhw?t=19 How has this guy still got his fingers?!
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    Working with Olivewood questions!

    Hi chaps, having some issues with some olivewood, wonder if you can help. I'm trying to make a pair of dog shapes using bandsaw, one in Padauk and the other from Olivewood. I bought a blank of each wood, both 8" square by 2" thick. Need to resaw each one to about 16mm thick before I cut my...
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    Inlay methods, router inlay kits any good?

    I'm looking to improve my current inlay technique of.... cut out the shape, mark the shape on target, sneak up to the marking line with router, fill in all the (many many!) gaps with sawdust+glue before sanding it and doing a lot of swearing. It's ok, but suspect there's huge room for...
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    Faux brick wall panels, anybody used these?

    Trying help a friend of mine who's interested in getting this done (and recruited me to help install it!) on 2 walls in his lounge. He likes the idea of these panels, so you don't see a join line... From a quick search it seems a whole range of materials. If anyone has installed these, do...
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    Quick (and stupid) question on shellac sanding sealer >>

    I have a bubinga project, plan is to use shellac sanding sealer then black bison wax. As per Custard's thread (where he compares waxes) I've sanded wood to 220, and will apply 2 coats of sanding sealer and sand 320 in between. Just thinking though and sorry if this is really dumb question, but...
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    Bunny iphone charger and stand

    I've seen a few YouTubers make stuff with wireless chargers embedded into tables so thought I'd have a go at something like that. I have an anniversary coming up so thought I'd try and make a bunny shaped charger for my girl (she's mad about bunnies). I figure if I made it into a stand it...
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    Can you identify this wood please?

    Hi I think it's Cocobolo, but what do you think? It's really hard and amazingly heavy for it's size. This rod is about 180mm long and about 25mm in diameter and weighs 110g. Comes from a musical instrument. Cheers!
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    Can you recommend a USB Wifi dongle?

    I have a naughty laptop whose integral wifi card is playing up, it randomly switches off, despite numerous attempts to update the wifi driver, disabling "allow computer to turn off this device to save power" in device manager it's still horrendously unreliable. I need a small wifi adapter that...
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    Great tip for removing a screw with a stripped head >>

    I was replacing some old window locks and couldn't get a screw out with a chewed up head. 8pm on a Sunday, can't get any tools so out of desperation for ideas, I turned to YouTube and found this >> https://youtu.be/_mTFQbaT3Zc?t=83 This fella demonstrates many methods but with exception of...
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    You guys have your own indoor waterfalls?!

    Just seen this online. Someone at Fender spraying a guitar in front of a waterfall. From the comments I gather it’s to catch the overspray. Pretty unusual, never seen this before. How many of you have a waterfall at home? :wink:
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    Stupid finishing question of the day....

    I'm looking to dip my toe into the world of shellac. Watched a load of French polishing vids on youtube, it looks slow but I fancy having a go, problem is all the examples are on flat bits of wood. I don't really make furniture, table tops, I'm more interested in making smaller things you can...
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    What's your favourite and least favourite part of woodwork?

    least favourite: Finishing. Me and finishing don't get on. We'd had counselling, trial separation but we hate each other. most favourite: everything else! What about you?
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    Danish oil made my bubinga and oak too dark

    I have a bandsaw box from oak and bubinga, intended to finish in Liberon Danish oil then maybe for a bit of extra shine, add some Briwax. Thought I'd better test it first so tried the danish oil on some oak and bubinga tree decorations I made from offcuts. Glad I did, very disappointed with...