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    Garage door remote openers

    Any electronics whizzes out there who can help with a dead remote for our garage door? It's got a Marantec opener (door is too heavy for an oldie to open!) and one of the remotes died several years ago. It was obsolete then, and like a twerp, I didn't get one of the programmable ones to pair...
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    Dust rant

    Two TV programmes which I try to watch are the Repair Shop on BBC and Salvage Hunters - the restorers on whatever it is. While both show some very impressive work, both the title sequences really annoy me. In each case, a pile of fine dust is shown on a surface and then blown towards the...
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    Plug cutters

    Anyone know where I can get an 8mm (NOT No 8) plug cutter for occasional use? Over the years, have accumulated most sizes, except for 8mm, which was needed yesterday. There seem to be various cheap sets, which are probably the best solution, or single cutters for silly money. Anything else?
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    Hasty Christmas presents

    A week before Christmas, daughter in the USA requested a pair of pitch pine finials, to grace a pitch pine bed frame which her husband has yet to make. The reclaimed piece of pitch pine that came to hand gave rise to a lot of 6mm offcuts, so the idea of a parquetry tray appealed to her. The odd...
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    Interesting bit of wood

    Our local botanic garden saves itself some money on disposal of greenwaste by allowing members of its Friends organisation to remove any timber fellings/thinnings. Some time last year I picked up a load for firewood and left it to dry. Cut up one of the lengths yesterday and was surprised at...
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    Sorby Pro-edge

    Keep reading enthusiastic praise for this from turners, and wondering whether to ditch Tormeks etc. in favour of one. BUT, wondering if they are any good for planer blades? Haven't seen any mention of dedicated or custom built jig for this.
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    deWalt help

    (Not sure if this is the right forum, but it is a woodworking tool). I've now had two 18V deWalt Angle drills (marvellous for work inside cabinets) pack up due to faults with the reversing switch. Have managed to get one back to life with a lot of switch cleaner and patience, but the switch on...
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    Any ideas what this might fit?

    It's obviously the anvil for a metal nibbler, which I must have bought thinking it would fit my Bosch 2mm capacity job. But it doesn't. The square flange at the top is 19mm by 19mm, as is the diameter of the cylindrical piece. Overall length is 55mm. It's never been used. There's no cutter...
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    Kity riving knife

    Found this while searching for summat else. Never been used, so no idea which Kity saw it fits, and there seems to be a bit of storage corrosion of the plating, but if you think it might suit you, even just as a pattern, would £1 plus second class postage (preferably BACS) be of interest?
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    Plane spares

    Rooting around my workshop for something else, found my box of plane spares, squirreled together over the years. Chances of my using them are pretty slim - as they aren't regular wearing parts. They include a couple of brand new complete frogs, several new cast adjuster yokes, brass adjuster...
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    TV sound question

    Probably one for Eric the V., or another forum, but just in case anyone else has ideas, thought it worth posting. As the years go by, two things seem to be happening - my hearing is getting worse and the sound quality from TV sets also gets worse, possibly faster. Presumably with the intent...
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    Have I seen the future???

    Picked up the current Aldi catalogue yesterday; their "online offers" include a 3d printer for under £300, supposedly capable of producing work up to 150mm cube. Will anyone want to work wood in 5 years time?
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    Raising the wreck a bit further

    Was making such a hash of another job, decided to repair the rear handle off the Type 9 Stanley No6 I aquired a while back. Decided to ignore the advice about creating just a single plane glueing surface and cut a suitable piece of rosewood off an odd bit I had lying round. Glued, clamped and...
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    Soft close, difficult open!

    Bought some unbranded (but instructions were in Polish, if that's any help) mesh slide-out shelves to fit in narrow kitchen unit. They are OK, but for one thing. The soft close mechanism works fine when closing, but offers enough resistance when opening for it to be necessary to pull quite...
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    OOooops - help needed

    Trying to refinish daughter's dining table with Danish oil while they are in Spain. Put the tin down on their slate hearth without realising some oil had run down the side of the tin. Now the hearth sports a nicely polymerised imprint of the tin which I need to remove. Any suggestions - have...
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    Soft start kit

    Using worktop jig this afternoon and unusually, didn't make any stupid errors, but did suddenly wonder about something. Using one of my MOF177s, at the end of each cut, allowed the router to un-plunge and turned it off, then moved to another cut. Should you let the motor stop fully before...
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    Giving woodturning a bad name

    It's open studios week up round Aberdeen, so went to one or two today. Included one multiple artist venue with what they said was a folk duo providing "entertainment". By singing as loudly and harshly as they could, in a relatively small space and with total disregard for the nature of the...
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    Gumtree rant

    Do any forum members try to sell stuff via Gumtree? And if so, do you get what my daughter calls a load of "flakes"? Folk who contact you, ask inane questions but still give the impression they are serious, even offer a sensible cash price and fix a time. Then disappear. Just put the old...
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    Robot mowers (and other robots)

    OK, the unbelievable has happened and I'm thinking of buying something new, not secondhand. Back has been playing up lately and heaving our 17" Hayter around big lawn doesn't help. At the Black Isle show a few weeks back, had a look at the Husqvarna robot mower, and began to think maybe one...
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    Raising the wreck

    Done a bit of work on the car boot Stanley No 6 Type 9. Just cleaned off the worst of the rust with citric acid and tried, unsuccessfully, to get the overspray and other paint off the handles without wrecking the original finish. Iron is quite badly pitted non-original UK Stanley and lever cap...