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    Alcove project finished

    Thought I would post my recent project partly to say thanks to the forum for all the info I’ve had from searches over the past few months. I’m a moderately confident DIY-er but have never really ‘made’ anything before, but the combination of partner being desperate for alcove organisation but...
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    Grab adhesive as caulk?

    Hi all Just completing some floating alcove shelves (torsion box with mdf top, bottom and front) and planning to glue together with grab adhesive and a few pins. Final lick of paint then a bead of caulk around the edge. Just occurred to me, is there any reason, (other than cost) why not to...
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    The weather

    I’m pretty unbothered by rain. I’m the one in the family that annoys the others with hearty cries of ‘no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes’ as I drag them out for a walk. However. Recent experience using my driveway to cut wood to make alcove units (after much YouTubing of...
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    Finishing a plunge cut. Pull saw or other?

    This might seem like an obvious question but I'm fairly new to using a plunge/track saw and was interested what everyone is using to finish a plunge cut? What I mean is the little end bit of a plunge cut that the saw can't reach with the blade even on full depth (as its circular) obviously...
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    Alcove help needed

    Hi all Only joined recently and loving the forum. Quite astounded by proper discussions going on in the general section that on other forums I frequent would be dragged down to shouting but that seem to retain proper reasoned debate here (unless I’ve missed the handbags moments thus far 😊)...