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  1. J

    hammer shaft replacement advice

    I finally broke the shaft of my beloved old claw hammer .It is 53 years old this year, bought for my first job on building work in 1968 and there hasn't been a day in the past 50 years that I haven't used it for something or other. I've already told swmbo that it must be buried with me;)😁 At...
  2. J

    What are my options for a finish on a new decking ?

    Lots of conflicting advice on the net and no real conclusion so I thought that I would ask on here. Swmbo has stumped up for replacing all of our decking and guess who is having to do the job !.....;):) lucky me.. After removing and replacing the existing decking and digging out 30x rubble...
  3. J

    Advice on restoring an antique brass bound box

    In 2016 I inherited my Grandfather's 100+ year old brass bound ditty box when my Father passed away at the ripe old age of 93 . It contains all of the Family documents up until the millenium including many Birth Death and Marriage certificates from the mid 1800s and property deeds It is not...
  4. J

    DIY mini trimmer table T Track positioning

    I have two wooden 3x drawer filing cabinets. 640mm x 450mm For some time now i've had the idea of inserting a Makita Trimmer router into the top of one of them and a jigsaw in the other. I see many advantages in using a filing cabinet as opposed to building from scratch . The cabinets are on...
  5. J

    Trimmer Router table design layout suggestions

    Over the past few years I have knocked up a couple of crude trimmer router tables from chipboard and plywood to complete various projects and they have been very successful . I have had in my mind for some time to build some portable tables on castors for my Trimmer router and Jigsaw and...
  6. J

    Best glue to attach ceramic tiles to MDF ?

    This year my partner decided to make her Family and friends some Triptych tiled Trivets as Christmas gifts. They consist of personal photographic prints modge podge'd to ceramic tiles which will be glued to 9mm MDF plaques with round over edges and laquered. I cut the plaques to size for...
  7. J

    Fixing suggestions for panel clock insert

    I could really use another perspective on this problem as all the ideas I have come up with are not particularly good. As you can see the tube clock needs to fix into a thin 5mm plywood panel so that the majority of the clock is hidden behind the panel. The clock case is thin metal so it is...
  8. J

    help with identifying a router bit profile please

    I have loads of oak cupboard doors that need sanding for my campervan renovation. The problem I have is that most have a fine edge profile which would be lost if I attempted to sand with a block and sandpaper. My idea is to recut the external edge profile of every door to the same profile on...
  9. J

    naughty fence

    My fence must have slipped slightly when cutting a rebate for the bottom of a box and now the drawers are too tight. Is there any way of salvaging this by packing the joint and maintaining sufficient structural intergrity? the problem is its only 2mm I need to find and I cannot think of a way...
  10. J

    rebating with a trimmer advice needed

    I am constructing a simple box with single rebated joints using 18mm hardwood veneered ply (Wickes ) . I need to rebate 18mm x 12mm from the top and bottom sections for the sides of the box I have done some experimenting and I'm finding that the wood is burning and the bit has lost its edge...
  11. J

    tips for ripping plywood with circular saw

    I could do with some tips on cutting plywood and achieving a reasonable edge finish. I do not have access to a table saw all I have is a cheap unbranded circular saw. I'm looking to replace the 18T blade with a 30T blade will that be sufficient teeth ? The blade fitted is a 160mm x20 x2.5mm but...
  12. J

    where can I buy a 1/4 drawer locking bit for 12mm

    looked all over the place and I can only find 2x sources both abroad . One in the US and the other China. I'm looking for a 1/4" drawer locking bit for use with 12mm thick timber . Interestingly there is a 'How To' on this site featuring the CMT lock bit but Axminster no longer stock these bits.
  13. J

    makita RT0700 trimmer base screw size ?

    anyone know the screw type and thread tpi ? I forgot to order some new longer screws to enable me to fit the trimmer to a lift out plate . t they must be a standard 3mm flat head but I've mislaid my thread pitch guages
  14. J

    how do I construct a drop in trimmer table ?

    Searched youtube till my eyes bleed :cry: I have ordered a Makita RT0700c trimmer which will hopefully arrive this weekend. How would I attach this trimmer to a drop-in board for a router table I will be building? is there a special adapter plate I'll need ? The base of the trimmer looks...
  15. J

    trimmer router bit selection Makita RT0700c

    this is my first router so I have a lot to learn about bit selection and operation . I would appreciate some help with selection of some suitable 1/4 " bits for constructing a toolchest cabinet. I have an extremely linited budget so they'l have to be a cheap as chips range like siverline . I...
  16. J

    neat box joint cutting blade invention

    this looks like a brilliant idea . Not sure if its been posted before but for high volume, power tool box making it looks like a real time saver. https://youtu.be/S074ke-EJ6U
  17. J

    birch ply stockists ?

    I'm having no luck at all this afternoon trying to find anyone that stocks Birch ply in Somerset I've been trawling for a couple of hours and have rung all the merchants within a 30 mile radius without luck. Everyone I contacted was willing to order a sheet in for me but of course I'd have no...
  18. J

    Constructing an Engineers toolbox

    This will be my first ever attempt at carpentry so please be patient with me. edited to hopefully make the intended finish quality clearer Design and sizewise it will resemble a typical mechanics metal toolbox with drawers and a lid but be made of wood . Something along the lines of the...
  19. J

    advice needed for motorhome worktop construction

    Hi all. Now that my new shed/workshop is finished I am ready to start on my next project which is to attempt to tidy up our old Ford transit campervan. One aspect of this that has been nagging away at me is how best to update the kitchen worktop .Currently it is formica ,about 20 years old ...
  20. J

    stable door question

    I have a 50mm hardwood external door for my new shed. I wish to cut it in half and construct a stable door . i do not have a router and wondered if anyone had any ideas how I can set up to cut the rebates with a circular saw ? I was intending to cut the door in half then rebate the two halves...