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    Loft Balustrade

    I have a loft conversion in progress, and am turning my attention to the stairs and balustrade etc. The spec is for some space saver stairs (on order), that come up into the middle of the room. Behind the opening is a small loft bathroom. The architect has written: "Balustrades to be 900mm high...
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    Bartop Arcade game cabinet

    With my dresser finished, I've got a little bit of free time to finally make something I've been meaning to do for ages - a bartop aracde cabinet along these lines: Arcade by Tom D, on Flickr More specifically, I want to make a cab for a specific game - Robotron 2084. This is an old (1982)...
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    Welsh dresser, skip wood, hand tools only

    For sometime I've been meaning to make a Welsh dresser to go in this alcove in my kitchen, to replace the cupboard that's there and give some extra shelf storage on top. Untitled by Tom D, on Flickr Here's my "design". I have a pretty good idea of how it's going together, so this is the extent...
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    Glueing breadboard ends

    In most breadboard end tutorials I see, the breadboard end is glued to the board on the middle tenon only, leaving the other tenons unglued and therefore able to accomodate expansion and contraction. I get this. But if you are making a piece of furnitre that will be pushed up to a wall, isn't...
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    Stock size for glass panel cabinet doors

    Am in the process of making a dresser, the upper part of which will have two glass panel doors. Each door is approx (h x w) 70x40cm. I'm trying to decide what size of stock to use for the frames. Normally for basic frame and panel doors I'd use 60-70mm stock. I'd quite like to use narrower stock...
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    Planing knots

    I've got a load of old reclaimed pine, formlerly rafters, purlins, etc. Probably 150 or so years old. I'm ripping and planing it for use in making a dresser. By far the biggest issue I've been having is planing when knots are present. My planes are regulary sharpened to 1000 grit, then stropped...
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    Sliding wardrob doors - do I need hardware or not?

    I've installed some Ikea wardrobe cabinets along one side of my bedroom, and now need to build a wall-wall-floor ceiling frame and sliding doors to sit in front of the cabinets. Total width 3.5m, hight 2.4m, and I'm going to have two doors at 1m wide on the outsides, and 2 of .75m wide on the...
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    Built in wardrobe design choices

    Other half has decided that we need more storage space (and she's probably right), so the decision has been taken to put wall to ceiling wardrobes in along the far side of our bedroom wall, which is 3.5m wide, and 2.4m high. My plan is to use Ikea Pax cabinets, two 100cm wide cabinets on the...
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    Electric toothbrush charger holder

    Small project for an afternoon. A stand/holder for an electric toothbrush charger, that keeps the cable tidy but still allows it to be unplugged so that the socket can be used for other things. Based on the design I found here: https://www.instructables.com/id/Electr ... sh-Holder/, but with...
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    Modern bathroom cupboard

    Had my bathroom redone last year and asked the man to bring out a short stud wall to create a niche around the boiler. Idea was that I would then make some sort of cupboard to fit into the niche that hides the boilder and pips, provides towel storage, above he boiler, and general storage below...
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    Butt hinge or something else...

    Hi all Been working on a built in cabinet for a niche in the bathroom where the boiler lives. The frame is in place, and is made from regular 38x63 C16 construction timber, but the two outer stiles are faced with 30mm oak: I am going to hang 3 inset doors from the left hand stile. These...
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    ALDI Bandsaw in stores this Sunday

    Heads up to those interested: The well regarded Aldi 350W bandsaw will be making its annual appearance in store this Sunday.
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    Router plane cutters

    I'm lucky enough to have been given a Stanley 71 1/2 router plane. It came with one 6mm cutter. I'd like one, maybe two more cutters with larger blades. I was wondering if the Veritas cutters sold by axminster would fit? Anyone have experience of trying this?
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    Slatted doors.

    The task: make some sort of built in cupboard to fit into this niche in the bathroom where the boiler is. The space will be divided veritcally into thee sections: under the boiler, the boiler, and over the boiler. I'm going to go right up to the ceiling. So, that's three doors, each around...
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    What is this engineered wood called?

    Was in a bar in Italy recently, and all the tables and shelves were made with this laminated wood product (see pictures). Does anyone know what this is called?
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    Bathroom mirror/cabinet

    Getting to the final stages of my bathroom mirror cabinet. The cabinet is recessed into the stud wall for a sleek miniaml look (that's the idea anyway!), and I decided to make the door frame out of thin stock, so that the whole thing looks more like a mirror hung on the wall, rather than a...
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    Where to buy tooling leather?

    Last week I bought a load of veg tanned tooling leather on ebay, in order to make a bunch of strops to give as Xmas presents. Looks like it's not going to arrive in time though :evil: Any ideas where I can buy some tooling leather in person? I'm based in Oxford....
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    Options for flush sash lifts

    Just putting the finishing touches to a sash window that I've refurbished. I want to put some lift hardware on the lower sash, but want them to be flush with the sash, so that they don't interfere with the blind that will be installed. I've found a few things named "recessed sash lifts" on...
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    Mirror door frame

    Have made bathroom medicine from 18mm oak, and now need to make the door. Will be a mirror door, hung inset on butt hinges. Door size will be 66x56cm. I'm wondering how thin a frame I can use for the door. I'd like to make it from as thin stock as possible - I was thinking to try making it from...
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    Sash window box (hand tools only)

    Am having my bathroom remodelled, so decided to take the plunge and replace the existing sash window box which had a rotten sill and was rotten at the bottom of the pulley stiles. The sashes were ok so will be stripped, refurbished where needed, re-glazed and re-painted. For the sill, I used a...