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    cap iron too short?

    It seems I may have worn out the cap iron on my old Record 05 1/2. I recently purchased a new iron for this plane as the old (probably original one) was getting a bit short. Setting the new one up - which is from Ray Iles, and is very nice - it would appear the cap iron is too short to work...
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    Startrite Bantam (drill) refurb

    I picked up a Startrite Bantam bench pillar drill quite cheaply last year and have been meaning to tidy it up a bit. The time has come. At a minimum I need to replace the wiring, which is not in a good way and take the motor apart for a clean as it is full of crud. I expect it will largely have...
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    another wood identification please

    I'm struggling to ID this stuff. It's reclaimed, I think, from a wardrobe that must have been fairly old. Smell is quite strong. A bit like pine, but not entirely familiar. Works beautifully until you hit a knot. Tear out isn't too bad, but the resin has crystallised in some of places, which...
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    Startrite Bantam/Mercury transport

    I've just won a Startrite Bantam bench drill on ebay. It seems to be a Mercury head with a shorter pillar and no rise/fall table. I now have to organise how to transport it in the back of my car. Am I right to assume that the head loosens/comes off with the lever on the left, or does this...
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    Pillar drill dimensions - looking for something compact

    I'm in the market for a pillar drill. Preference is to buy something old, but it must be as compact as possible as space is precious. Leaning towards a bench drill rather than floor standing model, but more important is the depth (front-to back), which must be less than about 24". Width and...
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    Veritas wonder dog/pup mounting hole size

    I have a couple of projects where the Wonder Dogs would make my life easier. Problem is that my bench is full of 18 mm holes, which is what seems to work best with my holdfasts. The Wonder Dogs are designed for a 3/4" / ~19mm hole. I've emailed Lee Valley to ask if they'll fit in the smaller...
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    roof insulation for a stone pent shed

    Somewhat usual story - I am slowly converting shed into a workshop. Difference is that the shed is a brick and stone pent style, created by knocking through the old outside toilet and coal shed at the bottom of the garden. Yes it is as small as you are probably thinking, about 10' x 5'. Having...