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    tacwise 140el nailer/ stapler

    I bought one of these, and it wouldnt fire nails at any price, then the stapler would only fire once , and it had to be open pushed back together and one more staple fired, now its packed up altogether, anyone got any ideas how to fix it please, I did contact tacwise, but silence has been their...
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    Offcuts and what to do with them

    there a man called hans meire and he does you tube videos, and he dose not waste anything, might be worth a look , it is all scroll saw work, but has recently gone into lathe work hope this helps
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    Joke thread

    talking of apprenticeships, where i served my time, the toilet system was stalls with a plank running through, and you sat over a trough with running water flowing down, us apprentices used to wait till all, the stalls where full, then set a light to a newspaper and let it float down the trough,
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    hi, its been a while since I posted on here, been busy house move etc. just finished this intarsia galleon, found the image on the net downloaded a picture , resized it , measured each piece, and this is the result it measures about 25 inches square, took a fair while. Also made a shepherds...
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    Ex30 trade scroll saw

    I had the ex 30, when it worked it was fantastic, it entually went back to axi, and i now have a hegner multicut 2 variable speed, superb machine take care john
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    Sourcing Blades for Scroll Saws and Jewellers, Piercing, Coping, & Junior Hack Saws

    just ordered 420 blades Flying Dutchman from Mikes workshop in the states 144 of each #3/ #5 ultra reverse straight and 72 each of new spirals blades teeth all round the blade#3/ #5, total cost including postage was £80, I may yet have to pay import duty , the price per blade is exactly the same...
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    Sourcing Blades for Scroll Saws and Jewellers, Piercing, Coping, & Junior Hack Saws

    hi I have recently been using Niqua blades, # 3 and #5 and in truth, they re not a patch on flying Dutchman, I started on this project with niqua but had to revert to fd #3 and #5 flst and spiral blades, to finish it.its 1 inch 25 mm thick pine board
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    EX 30 new scroll saw

    hi id you tell axminster you are having the same problems if not get after them, hoe you get sorted take care John
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    Scroll saw issues

    look for a use Hegner on ebay and the likes also on the for sale section on here, there was an axminster ex 21 on eBay on bids will be close to ending just been on ebay there aretwo old style hegners and an ex16 thelast one only has 30 left ans its a xracking price take care John
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    do that pattern in 12 months time and it will show you how far you have come, go to Steve goods site for your patterns they are all free, botas helder, jim blume are two other people I would recommend you visit they have 100s of patterns and all are free, scroll saw village is another site to...
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    just finished this today, and posted as I said I would john
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    thank you, I am doing another bigger one for someone else when it is finished I will post it, again a Steve good pattern John
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    thank you 5 mm plywood and 12 mm base
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    hi made this for my wife yesterday a a Steve good pattern, the candles need fastening down in the right place take care john
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    yes thanks , made quite a heck of a lot over the last three years, from 7 inch high to 3/4 inch large ones on the band saw the small ones on the scroll saw, the ones above are just a change, and easy to do not a lot of brain power required lol. take care John
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    found these on Steve goods site, cut a set for my wife and now I have orders for 4 more sets. take care John
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    Sourcing Blades for Scroll Saws and Jewellers, Piercing, Coping, & Junior Hack Saws

    I normally use flying Dutchman blades from Mikes workshop in the states,about £35 including postage for 144 blades and they do allow you to order a selection of blades for the 144 blade price. Recently I have been doing a lot of scrolling on 30 mm pine boards and could not wait the postage...
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    shepherds hut

    no I havent already tried this but its a good thought, i do have some 1 mm drill bits I will try this on a piece of scrap and see where it gets me, probably searching the floor among the debris to find the pin I dropped, magnets to the fore
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    last weeks work

    sorry for the delay in answering you question , I dont put finish on anything i do, its the coulour of the wood after the varnish etc has been removed,
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    shepherds hut

    hi hi Don I am afraid i had to cheat with the hinges, I superglued them in place , as I have bad arthritis in both hands, I will sell this when I get the roof an steps made, and give the pins to the person who buys it, and they can put them in, its been a very steep learning curve but I have...