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    makita or lamello jointer

    I have the Makita. I've always had problems with it's accuracy, it's very easy to get the fence out of square and so the corresponding biscuit slots. You then end with a, usually very small step in the joint. It's not much, but it's a problem. I also find that it clogs very quickly, mainly due...
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    Hammer Veneering by Colin C

    Well done Colin! very informative. What a great idea to set up a video of how to carry out this technique. Pictures say so much more than words ever can. Nice camera work Dom, you showed the technique from all of the right angles. Liked the added gloat with the Felders in the background :lol...
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    I use Craft Supplies as they have now taken over Art Veneers and use the same company they used. Cheaper than most and reasonable quality.
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    Legal Ramifications of business in shed

    Business's run in a shed or from home in general are a nightmare to make legal. 1. If you have a standard, priced on bedroom, insurance policy (as most seem to be) and you have visitors i.e. clients/suppliers to your premises, then your insurance is likely to be a) declined or b) have a hefty...
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    Design packages running in Vista

    OK, i've tried to download Sketchup and get a message to say that the operating system is not supported, so it fails to download. I have e-mailed the Sketchup people and they sent the following reply; "Hi Stephen, Thank you for contacting SketchUp. At this time, we're unable to support...
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    Design packages running in Vista

    Neil, isn't it just a trial version of sketchup that is free? I checked with their support people and they said "They can't currently support Vista, but hope to do so in the next week or so" Interesting to see that some people have installed it on Vista. Can you use sketchup images as workshop...
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    Design packages running in Vista

    Hi folks, I've had to replace my PC in the last week and now have a funky new one running Windows Vista. Most of my old software has taken ages to set up as you'd think Vista was a new thing! :roll: Anyway, my problem is i used to use Autosketch to produce designs for clients and to use in the...
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    New APTC Catalogue

    Anyone got theirs yet? Seen it advertised in various places, but haven't had mine throught the post yet. Also appears that APTC are sticking to the "every 6 months, new catalogue set up". Be nice if they did that 10% off everything deal again too :wink: Thanks Stephen.
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    is there any point to a woodrat?

    I use my Rat, in my professional role, a lot. I find it particularly useful for replacing broken tenons in chairs and tables. It's areal quick and easy way of creating a floating tenon. I just glue one side in with Titebond and then trim up the other to suit the original mortise and glue that...
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    A proposition

    What a fantastic idea!! I tout my goods around local antique and craft fairs and find the hardest thing is to figure out what sort of thing you should make in the 1st place (any ideas much appreciated!). I've tried small tables, but there always wrong size/shape/colour for the client. I get...
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    Any recommended books on veneering?

    Have a look at Paul Richardson's "Making Classic English Furniture" there is a section in the front that goes through veneering in a very easy to follow way and includes many exceptional tips. It also covers hand cut dovetails in a similar way and then goes on to give details of several...
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    Trade qualifications

    You've lost me Brad! :? Historical demarcations are everything. Just becuase we're now in the 21st century doesn't mean all that's gone before is irrelevant (it's a dangerous belief commonly used by politicians). These terms of description were drawn up centurys ago and are still relevant...
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    Trade qualifications

    Hi folks, The term cabinetmaker is an historic one dating back to the days of the trade guilds. Trade guilds were all powerful and could control who made what and what they could call themselves. They also controlled materials, prices and standards. The standards were enforced by viewers and...
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    Sat Navs

    Thanks folks for all the replies. Yes i know Sat Navs accused of making you lazy, but trying to read a map on the passenger seat whilst driving is dowbright dangerous, and i know which i'd prefer :roll: I used top drive trucks all over the south of england so have a pretty well adapted sense...
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    Sat Navs

    Hi folks, Anyone out there recommend a decent Sat Nav? Looked at the TomTom One and Garmin 510 today. Both £199. I don't want (or maybe i do :wink: ) loads of features. It's just the navigator has recntly decided she "doesn't do navigation in the dark" not really helpfull when trying to find...
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    Lamello Classic C3 or Top 20s?

    Hi folks, I'm considering the purchase of a replacement (more accurate) biscuit jointer for my Makita. It seems to be between the Lamello Classic C3 and the Lamello Top20s. The Classic comes as a great kit with a Festool case and various useful bits and peices at £329 whereas the Top20 is £489...
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    Offloading old copies of F&CM

    Hi Adam, I've collected most of Furniture and Cabinetmaking over the years, but have gaps in my collection and would be interested in No.s 1 to 24 as well as 40, 41 and 43 and 44. I don't suppose you have these? Thanks Stephen.
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    Wood 06

    Nice to meet you chaps. :D I thought W6 was great. But then i was looking at it from a trade point of view. You had machines there hooked up to dust extractors the size of houses churning out kitchen doors down to a couple of chaps selling gardening tools :shock: not sure what that was about...
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    Spindle Moulder

    Mr. Grimsdale, What are you making these spindle moulder cutter and limiters from? Are you drilling them to fit the safety pegs on the block then forming the profile and heat treating them? Don't forget if buying old blocks they probably won't meet modern safety standards. I know these are for...
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    Darkening oak

    If you're going to have a go at fuming take care. It'll burn your eyes and affect your sight permanantly if you're not careful :shock: Follow the manufacturers instructions and get the safety kit. If you want to read up on fuming most of the american woody sites are heavily into it and you...