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    Cnc router

    Hi I am looking for a cnc router machine 1000mm x1000mm with software i Was looking at the work bee or the xyz carve has any one got any suggestions. I am new to this so I am not sure which is a good machine . Thanks dave
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    Segmented bowls

    Hi can any one help me I am looking to make a segmented bowl but not sure which woods go together .I would like a dark wood and a light wood but I am not sure which are the best wood to put together can any one make some suggestions. Also I have been told that on a wedgie jig if you set it...
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    Fox f50 842 dust extraction unit

    Hi can anyone tell me which 2 wires to bridge in the nvr switch so I can use a remote control .there are 4 wires in the switch blue and black at the top and white and red at the bottom I think the white one goes to the motor if that any help .sorry I am not sure how to up load pictures
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    Scroll saw

    Hi looking to buy a scroll saw can any body recommend a good one around £100 TO £200 thanks
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    Nutool lathe

    Hi I have a nutool nwl37 wood lathe can any one tell me what size the drive belt is and were I can get one from Many thanks dave
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    Re: Dust extraction

    Hi does any one know if you can join two 500watt chip extractors together on one system to boost the air flow
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    Re: Dust extraction

    Hi Can any one tell me were to buy a 100mm cyclone from at a reasonable price
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    Re: Dust extraction

    Hi Sorry guys and girls I am new to this I have a small workshop 6mx3m and I am looking for what type of dust extraction I need . The equipment I have in the shop is 1. Thickness planer 2.piller drill 3.router table 4.cross cut saw 5. Table saw 6.wood work lathe 7. Bench grinder I am...
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    New lathe

    Can any one recommend a wood turning lathe to buy for a beginner I would like one which has the facility for the headstock to be turned out
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    Dust extraction

    Hi I want to install a dust extraction system for my workshop I am thinking of 40 gallon drum with cyclone 68mm pipe around shop and a rutland dk7109 vac . I was looking at the record cam vac with twin motor as well but very pricey, does any one know if I can use 2 rutland vacs together instead...