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    Alcove project finished

    Ha! Stash of wine would be very nice!
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    Alcove project finished

    Thanks. It certainly is satisfying. Carcasses were ok but once I moved onto all the visible bits, every time I made a cut was stressful as I only had enough 22mm to have one go at each element.
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    Alcove project finished

    Oops video didn’t attach Link here
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    Alcove project finished

    Thought I would post my recent project partly to say thanks to the forum for all the info I’ve had from searches over the past few months. I’m a moderately confident DIY-er but have never really ‘made’ anything before, but the combination of partner being desperate for alcove organisation but...
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    Increase loft space

    In one of mine I got a lot of space by attaching Spur shelving to the walls either end of the loft. Made sturdy shelves with cardboard boxes to fit and moved all light, bulky bits out of the house up to there. Of course, you could just think a little differently and get a spade* and start...
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    Grab adhesive as caulk?

    Thanks. I don’t need to sand it and it is paintable but the smoothability is definitely a consideration.
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    Grab adhesive as caulk?

    Hi all Just completing some floating alcove shelves (torsion box with mdf top, bottom and front) and planning to glue together with grab adhesive and a few pins. Final lick of paint then a bead of caulk around the edge. Just occurred to me, is there any reason, (other than cost) why not to...
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    Oval steel offcuts?

    I don’t think anyone was suggesting they were… (I think this is the first time I’ve been able to do punctuation humour. I can only thank you for giving me the opportunity) 😇
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    Oval steel offcuts?

    I’d have to disagree, not even ‘facts’ in language are immutable. As has been said a common usage of a word can become correct even if it’s not exactly what the word originally meant. (‘Naughty’ meant ‘having nothing’, ‘silly’ meant ‘blessed’) Words can end up meaning the exact opposite of their...
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    Which wall fastenings for twin slot shelving?

    I bought a large selection box of Fischer plugs including those you have (UX) and the more traditional looking (SX). Every time I tried the UX, regardless of substrate or size I had the problem you describe. Using the SX of the same size was fine. I binned the UX.
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    The weather

    I’m pretty unbothered by rain. I’m the one in the family that annoys the others with hearty cries of ‘no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes’ as I drag them out for a walk. However. Recent experience using my driveway to cut wood to make alcove units (after much YouTubing of...
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    Things to while away the day watching on Youtube

    Love mymechanics for calming restoration. My young kids love it too and proudly name the lathe, punches and has been a good way in to interest them in tinkering with tools
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    Old tools salvaged from my Grandparent's houses

    If you have siblings/kids how about mounting some of the interesting-but-not-so-useful ones in deep frames to hang on the wall. I did it with a pair of pleasingly used wire cutters for my partner (her grandad worked for BT and would have used this pair a lot). She loved it. Her aunt did similar...
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    Wooden trays in the fridge - trying to get organised

    It’s been mentioned that it’s a moist environment a couple of times above but unless I’m mistaken, it’s the opposite- cold air doesn’t hold much moisture at all, so it’s pretty dry. In terms of bacteria, that’s true to an extent of anything wooden that’s in contact with food, but in this case...
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    Spyderco CTS BD1N

    Dammit. Alpha-Dave beat me to it. Must type faster!
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    Spyderco CTS BD1N

    I’d contact them direct. A lot of the US companies are very good in terms of honouring warranty. https://www.spyderco.com/service-support/warranty-repair/ Or Sal, the owner has been active on uk forums in the past (the late lamented British Blades forum) so is engaged with the market. There...
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    Ideas for a new workbench please?

    You don’t say how much of a novice, but for what it’s worth, I made mine very cheaply from a pine dining table I bought on eBay for £10 which I added heavy duty (locking) castors to and stiffened with a shelf between the legs made from a sheet of ply. The reason I did this was to avoid...
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    Finishing a plunge cut. Pull saw or other?

    That’s great, thanks all. I think I can flip in some cases and use a jigsaw for others (also been wanting an excuse to buy a pull saw so… 😀) Very much appreciated.
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    Finishing a plunge cut. Pull saw or other?

    This might seem like an obvious question but I'm fairly new to using a plunge/track saw and was interested what everyone is using to finish a plunge cut? What I mean is the little end bit of a plunge cut that the saw can't reach with the blade even on full depth (as its circular) obviously...
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    Using a hacksaw cutting big(gish) stuff. Or how to saw a railway line.

    In terms of using rail as an anvil, when I researched for doing mine, those that know seemed to agree that for anything other than tiny jobs it’s far more effective to use the rail stood vertically, rather than horizontally as it gives you a lot more meat under the blows of the hammer.