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  1. J

    DIY Happy Hour Show

    You’ve got to see this. DIY Happy Hour Show on Freeview channel 85 right now. It’s a bit like being in the Middle of Lidl but on TV with hilarious lack of knowledge in the product demonstrations.
  2. J

    Are these cheap jigs good enough for a one off?

    As the title says, I need to just do one pair of holes to convert an appliance door into a cabinet door. Are they up to it? They’re only £4.99 including the drill bit! Normally, I’d be a bit sceptical...
  3. J

    Blade size vs. riving knife size

    Hello everyone Attached is a picture of the riving knife on my table saw. Can anyone explain the various numbers? I have a new Freud blade which is 1.8mm body and 2.4mm kerf. Will it work ok. I searched here and found a similar post in November but it didn’t quite answer this question...
  4. J

    Door Leading Edge 3-degree Undercut Bit

    Has anyone used a 3-degree undercut bit for a door's leading edge and would you recommend them? This is the kind of thing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/192458704000 ... rmvSB=true Jim
  5. J

    Dust extractor DE7778

    I've just bought a Dewalt DE7778 dust extraction kit for my DW700 mitre saw. It comes with three attachments for three ports; two of which are pretty obvious where they go but there's a third one that I have no idea where to put. Does anyone have any ideas? I searched the forums but no joy...
  6. J

    Fridge freezer doors on inset doors with face frame

    Hi all I'm trying to fit intergraded Neff fridge freezer doors to the inset panelled doors I've made for a face frame cabinet. The rest of my kitchen doors are hung on butt hinges. Does anyone know if the the fridge freezer wooden cabinet doors also need butt hinges, or are they simply hung...
  7. J

    Woodfit 'Trade Status'

    Does anyone know if there is much of a discount to be had when buying relatively small quantities from Woodfit if you have applied for, and been granted, 'Trade Status'?
  8. J

    Finishing insides of MR MDF carcasses

    There's been a great deal of discussion about finishing MR MDF on doors and face frames but what the best way to finish the insides of kitchen carcasses in this material? I'm thinking: Two coats of water-based mdf primer/undercoat Two coats of oil-based eggshell ...but that does seem like a lot...
  9. J

    Door Stops

    Does anyone know what the standard gap between a front door and the applied door stop normally is? I have an applied moulding to plant on to use as door stop. I'm thinking about 1-3mm. Any suggestions? Jim
  10. J

    Electrical Sockets inside cabinets

    Hi all. I'm new to the forum but have been reading for several months. The info and links here are second to none. I now have a question myself that I can't see an answer to: I am making some alcove units soon and want to know if is it ok to mount the electrical sockets that would normally be...