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    Record power model no3?

    I'm still using my Coronet CL3 after 8 years of picking it up from a well known on-line market place, a nice lathe. There are a lot of 1MT accessories etc still out there, I've used Engineering Tools, Engineering Supplies lathe and workshop tools (chronos.ltd.uk) in the past for things like...
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    Record CL3 motor

    I've got one of the old Coronet CL3 (blue), 5 speed version and have used it for the last 8 years, changing the belt position just becomes second nature. Variable speed might be nice, but as RichardG says, there's a lot of other bits you could buy with the money a VS upgrade will cost.
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    Colouring for the first time.

    And so you should be Scooby, it looks great, definately puts my coloured wooden fruit to shame :):):)
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    PPE for turning - concerns over the PAPR masks

    Another Airshield user here (when I can get out to the lathe....), I've not had any issues with my neck either:)
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    How many active turners remain in UKWorkshop ?

    Still turning, but not as much as I would like.......
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    Choices Choices

    Chronos, another of my favourite websites :D , think I might well go down that route then. If I do start getting problems, then 2mt items for the headstock will be on the Christmas list. Thanks all
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    Choices Choices

    minilathe22/pickledegg, Many thanks for the comments/info guys, I guess the only big difference between the two would be the digital speed display on the W824, something which would be new to me having used the CL3 for a number of years. So, red or blue, that's the big question?? I'll take on...
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    Choices Choices

    Well my old CL3 motor finally bit the dust and I'm in the market for a new lathe, as the funds won't stretch to a new motor/invertor package either from RP themselves or Haydock converters :( A new house and soon to be workshop area means I'm really looking at a midi-lathe in the £350 - £400...
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    Record power cL3 starting problems

    Phil, Many thanks for that, I'll try and sort my motor out this weekend. Cheers Tim
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    Record power cL3 starting problems

    dickm, My old Coronet CL3 is suffering from the same problem as the OP and in your reply you mentioned " Dirty/sticking centrifugal switch sounds much more likely", any idea what I would be looking for on the motor to rectify this snag please?
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    New Turner Checking In

    Evening all, Came across this site by accident and wish I'd found it earlier, so full of great information and help. Currently based up in North Yorkshire, I'm am a member of the Teeside Woodturners Association and been turning for about 2 years with varying levels of success, all my good bits...