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    So my inlaws in Edinburgh want a new garden shed for storage to replace their existing one. Basically looking for a 10 x 6 pent roof. Local joiner has quoted them 3k to build one. From what he says I am assuming it is to be built from scratch if he gets the job. I don't have time to build one...
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    Refinishing a clock

    I have a 1950s mantel clock of little commercial but much sentimental value. It has a varnished finish which on one half of the clock has blistered badly as a result of being exposed to the sun. I want to refinish it. I can strip the damaged side easily enough, as it is flaking off the the...
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    Tool id

    Yes, I know it’s a hammer. Any ideas as to its purpose .? Found it when cleaning out my grandfathers tools in Inverness. Is it a toy, or would it have had A particular use ?Photo is on an A4 piece of paper for scale. No markings, or name on it. Weighs 107 grams. Perfectly balanced. Robert
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    End caps on hardwood worktop

    I am in the process of refitting our kitchen - starting from scratch, which is a tall order for me, but I am taking my time, and hopefully will get there before my wife expects me to cook Christmas dinner, The current issue relates to endcaps next to the range style cooker. I am installing...
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    Compound Mitre saw Advice

    Got my workshop broken into this week, which is a bit of a pain. Their attempts to lever open the double doors were unsuccessful, so they removed the heavy glazing bars ( 2 by 1's ) by levering them out with a spade I had stupidly left in the potato patch. They then entered and left via the...
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    Chainsaw Instruction

    I have used all sorts of power tools and machinery over the last twenty years or so without instruction or training, and without major mishap. For various reasons I was thinking of getting a chainsaw - partly to use in collecting firewood, but also as I was hoping to obtain timber for turning...
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    Sharpening query

    As a complete newby to the world of turning I wonder if someone could advise me as to how best to sharpen the thin parting tool I purchased. I was looking for something to part off turned items hot glued onto a waste block that was slimmer than the marples parting tool that came with my oldish...