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    Scroll saw addiction

    The quote above is from another thread but I felt it needed a new thread to address the problem of scroll saw addiction ! Hey Brian. I know the feeling. I also visited a counsellor because of my scroll saw addiction and here's what he said. "My advice with this or any other full blown...
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    Home made scroll saw with some nice features.

    Hi all. A friend sent me this link and I must say, I am surprised at the quality of what is a basic build. I was particularly impressed with the lower arm bearing guides and the rear tension clamp idea which I've not seen before. It just goes to show that with a little ingenuity, anything is...
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    Question for you all.

    When I scroll I automatically start cutting clockwise around whatever it is I'm cutting. When watching videos I notice that some cut anti-clockwise. My question is this : Do you cut clockwise or anti-clockwise but most importanly for this question, are you left or right handed ? This is purely...
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    Coin cutting

    Surfing around, I came across a Steve Good video for a coin cutting jig/clamp. Part 1 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PufirJOg3Y Part 2 : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-skNVjqHnDE This led me to search out coin cutting in general but what I came up with was most are cut by hand tools. I...
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    Just a box....with a difference.

    I made this box a few years ago for my daughter-in-law who works in the perfume industry. She has a huge collection of perfumes and I was asked by my son if I could make a box to house her prized ones. I knew she collected perfumes (of course !) and also that she loves tigers. I really didn't...
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    What a clever scrollsaw application !

    This guy has to be applauded for ingenuity with his helix cutting jig. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wem1-ZJdsrQ
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    Scrollerman for Chippygeoff

    Geoff...Welcome back I really mean that as I felt you acted far too hastily with your decision to leave. Now you are back, can we please address this like adults ? As there are 2 sides to every story I will put my side first to the members and welcome you to reply likewise. We can then thrash...
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    Diamond Scroll Saw Video

    As videos of the Diamond saw are pretty rare, I thought I'd share this with you all having come across it by accident. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddmbxEnL1g4
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    For Walney Col

    Hi Col. Just wondering how you are getting on with the Rexon VS4003A ?
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    For stevebuk... Hegner/Axminster

    Hi Steve. I've quoted from a recent post of yours as I didn't want to detract from that thread. Did you mean you used the Hegner knob when you owned an Axminster or Hegner ? The reason I ask is I know you like Delta's but have not heard you mention owning an Axminster. I have been following...
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    Very impressive home made scroll saw.

    Can't help but be impressed by the effort this guy has put into making this saw. It is based on the 'Eclipse' constant tension saw but oh what a task he took on trying to build one ! So much design and cutting involved but he got a result. http://woodgears.ca/reader/scrollsaw/ If you don't...
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    Huge, but fascinating Scroll Saw !

    I came across this video and thought it interesting enough to share with you guys. Great concept but maybe a bit too big for most here if space is at a premium ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TqH51cqntgk
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    Bad blades info/tip

    As an experienced scroller of many years I, like others here, have often received blades that were not up to par or in other words just plain blunt ! This has become no surprise for me and the first thing I do is change supplier if I get a bad batch. Before I go any further, I suggest you read...
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    Sticky/FAQ's request....what do you think ?

    I belong to a few forums and one omission here is that there are no 'Sticky' or 'FAQ's' posts/areas ! How often do we hear the same questions asked over and over again and those questions are generally from those new to this great hobby. Questions like : What is the best scroll saw ? I have a...
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    Question for Admin

    How many alias (AKA's......Also Known As) accounts are allowed on this forum and if so, how many alias accounts are you aware of ?
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    Happy New Year

    This is my new year wish to all of you here for a happy and prosperous New Year. Forget last year, the coming year is a chance to do things you have been putting off.......If you have the will do do it ! Happy scrolling to all in 2014. \:D/ Scrollerman
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    My experience...Blade alignment front to back.

    Adjusting the blade setting from left to right for accuracy is imperative on all scroll saws. However, adjustment from front to back is down to the individual saw in question and is only important if you cut thicker materials or if your saw is drastically out of allignment. Why ? All saws have...
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    Diamond saw

    There is currently a Diamond scroll saw on eBay with a 'Buy It Now' price of £35 and as such is a real bargain for anyone interested but it is collection only...
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    Proxxon Scroll saws

    We hear lots about many makes of scroll saws but rarely, if any, about Proxxon saws. Proxxon tools are generally pricey but claim German precision manufacture. The following are their current saws. Proxxon DSH 2 Speed Fretsaw Scroll Saw...
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    Scroll Saw Quiz

    I have been looking in regular and notice not many posts get made. Maybe we need to inject a fun element to get members interested so that is exactly what I am trying to do now. This is aimed at members who like a bit of fun and who want this place to buzz a bit more than it is at the moment...