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  1. Pete Maddex

    Ridiculous things you believed as a child...

    I remember a kid in junior scool saying thunder was the clouds banging together. Pete
  2. Pete Maddex

    Fish tail chisels

    Hexagonal tapered one like the old carving tools, I made one from ash years ago and its had a good pounding and has held up very well, even with out a ferrule. Pete
  3. Pete Maddex

    Fish tail chisels

    Hi Tom Its 15mm wide at the end the shank is 6mm wide. The splay is about 1 in 4.5, but any angle steeper than your dovetail angle will do. If I was to make another I would use 3mm O1, it would be easer to make and heat treat and still strong enough. Pete
  4. Pete Maddex

    Fish tail chisels

    This is my home made one 6mm O1 steel with a pear wood handle, its very useful better than a pair a skews as you can use the same chisel for both sides. DSC_0002-1 by pete maddex, on Flickr Every tool is a luxury tool, you could do your woodwork with a piece of knapped flint. Pete
  5. Pete Maddex


    Hi Richard I have used Hawthorne quite a lot both for turning and tools and tool handles. It's a bit bland for turning, or the bits I have are. It has interlocking grain so it can be hard to plane, ships blocks used to be made from Hawthorne so it's strong. I had no health problems working...
  6. Pete Maddex

    Side rebate Plane - old ones any good?

    You are better off with one of the metal ones as they fit into narrower groves than the metal ones, then get a pair of wooden ones for deeper wider groves. Pete
  7. Pete Maddex

    Slab flattening router recommendations

    Makita 3612c Hitachi M12V Elu Mof177e all good and spares are readily available. Pete
  8. Pete Maddex

    2020 Secret Santa ......and we're off!

    Wow I got a cracking stripy plane, it's very well made and the blade is razor sharp, it my bench wasn't covered in food and drinks I would be out playing with it now. Secret Santa by pete maddex, on Flickr Pete
  9. Pete Maddex

    Grinding wood

    You could use rasps, spokeshaves, chisels, knives etc, it doesn't have to scream to cut wood. Pete
  10. Pete Maddex

    Solid or veneer? How to tell....

    Table tops are easy look for end grain and make sure the joints line up with joints in the top. Pete
  11. Pete Maddex

    Metal Shed sealant

    How about the bitumen roof sealant a bead under the steel base would work well. Pete
  12. Pete Maddex

    Choosing a basic router table

    My first router table was a piece of cupboard side with a router screwed to it. it had a block screwed to one end that clamped in the vice. I used a piece of 2x2 as a fence it took an hour or so to knock up and worked very well. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a router table to get good...
  13. Pete Maddex

    Smart tv

    I have a Samsung smart TVs with a small pc sat behind it, it works very well for me. I run the tv through the Hifi permanently so it sounds very good a magnitude better than the built in speakers. Pete
  14. Pete Maddex

    Capacitor problems, advice please.

    A few microfarad capacitor probably won’t give much so a reading when testing with a digital multimeter try connecting the way you get no readingi and then reversing the connections, and try the diode setting next to the 200 ohm setting. Pete
  15. Pete Maddex

    Imperial Blade Bore Reducer Source

    Do you know anyone with a lathe? They are easy to make. Pete
  16. Pete Maddex

    Capacitor problems, advice please.

    Is it a 4 terminal cap? Because it sounds like you are measuring the internally connected terminals giving you the low resistance reading. Pete
  17. Pete Maddex

    Calling plastic gurus...

    Ca was developed to cast clear gun sights but they couldn’t get them out of the moulds and the idea was shelved only to be reassessed years later as a glue. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanoacrylate Pete
  18. Pete Maddex

    Resharpenable saws or throw away saws?

    Saws are like women, you don't want one with black teeth... Pete
  19. Pete Maddex

    "Vanity" breadboard ends

    I have done that on a table I used an 18mm plywood tongue, but for a toybox 6-9mm would be fine. Pete
  20. Pete Maddex

    Butt joint in long boards

    So its butt joints on the ends of staves. If you butt the boards together and run a hand saw or circular saw down the gap they will fit together, it’s called kerfing in. Pete