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    Portable workbench

    I have acquired A set of collapsible aluminium trestles that are fully height adjustable. So, was thinking about making a portable workbench that I can get in the back of my truck. The detachable bench surface needs to be light but stiff and hard wearing. I was thinking about using the sheeting...
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    Wanted Makita track

    Wanted: Makita RP6000 track. 2 possibly 3 lengths with joining fixings. Want to use this for my Makita router and cordless circular saw. Track clamps would be nice too if available
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    Tally Ho

    For those of you that have not seen this YouTube series I thoroughly recommend you watch. A story of a Brit shipwright restoring a 110 year old yacht on the west coast of the USA. Awesome woodworking skills .... https://youtube.com/c/SampsonBoatCo
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    Repairing a competition race truck

    A customer of mine has just bought a second hand race truck The back section of the truck consists of a storage area for 4 race cars and at the front an accomodation section for entertainment and eating After some investigative work we've found out that there is extensive water damage to...
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    Rutlands mini table saw

    Rutlands are now selling a mini table saw: 300mm x 300mm table size with 80mm blade for £240. This would be ideal for me as I make small wooden boxes. Its marketed as a precision tool and includes a 0.001mm increment digital readout for the fence setting. Having purchased gear from Rutlands in...
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    Oak veneered ply

    Just pricing up a job for a customer who wants a new bookcase. Looking to make this out of oak veneered ply with solid oak trim and facings. Could anybody recommend a supplier? Happy cut the material myself but (if the price is right and the cuts accurate) happy to let the supplier cut the...
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    Cheap and quick doors for cupboards

    Have made a cabinet for a customer to enclose an unsightly steel girder and a electrical distribution board. The frame is made out of 63x38mm stud timber and its cladded with 9mm ply - nothing fancy but something to tidy up the corner of a car showroom, its all going to be painted in gloss white...
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    Makita router lift

    I have a Makita RP2301FCX 1/2" plunge router which I'm going to mount in a router table. The manual says that its height can be adjusted from above the table by inserting a M6 135mm bolt through the table into a threaded hole in the plunge base and through to a threaded hole on the side of the...
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    Quality of tools

    Second post here, just my thoughts about tools. I retired from my IT consultancy job a few years ago and decided, as a reasonably competent carpenter (all hand tools, as taught to use by my father), to try my hand at raising my game. So, bought myself a sliding mitre saw, a table saw, a router...
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    Routers and guide bearings

    Hi all, new to the forum and need some advice. I have purchased a premium dovetail jig from Rutlands, nice bit of kit. Also bought their 1/2" precision router to use on the jig. The router is absolute rubbish and will be going back for a refund. It's a tacky Chinese re-badged import that for...