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    Another question cabinetmaker or joiner

    After reading my book I find that the "joiner" has been replaced by the cabinet-maker. What is the Mother Lands interpretation of the difference. Please no more long reading lists :) Oh yea is it joiner, joyner, or what is the correct spelling. Seems I see it different ways. Thanks
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    I need a hep with a book

    Hep is hillbilly for help. Anyway I'm reading a book called "The Artisians of Ipswich" its about some fellers from England, mostly around Suffolk I guess and came and set up a colony of peoplein Ipswich, Mass. Its talks mostly about various wood workers and how they get their lumber etal...
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    Wickabiscuit (SP)

    IS this a real cereal. They are marketing it here in the hills. says its the most popular cereal in England. What is it :) is it better than biscuits and gravy or grits.?? inquiring minds want to know.?? :)
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    More Williamsburg

    Shinglemakers. Open to the public :) Shingles stacked Pit Saw Pit Saw
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    Anybody want to talk a little about French provincial

    picked up a book while in Williamsburg by Henri Algoud, Leon LeClerc and Paul Baneat on French provincial furniture. Some I could replicate and would like to. But I wonder if there are any design books about it. Also I was stuck by their raised panels and al the decoration. (i don't know what...
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    Williamsburg Va

    Hope I'm not being to forward here. Thought you might like to see some pictures of the Anthony Hay shop around 1650. if these are to big maybe someone can resize them. Startin left to right clockwise. Its and English shop with 5 people working in it. the benches are all Englsih style...
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    Royalty has its priviliges

    Watching a public television program on windsor castle. It was about preparing for a state doins. Took like six months preparation. the Queen checked it all. There was a short thing on C branch. guess their the furniture guys. They showed one of Prince Phillips favorite tables. Mad out of...
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    HI guys. If you like woodworking - A little american excess

    Don't get a chance to see the inside of many places like this. thought you might enjoy it. Lots of Pics may take a while to load http://cgi.ebay.com/LAKE-FRONT-5-ACRE-1 ... otohosting
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    Bedales School

    Does anyone have any links where there is information and pictures of the Bedales School library and theatre didn't find any on their website. Dave
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    A little something British playing over here

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    Was reading and old issue of "Woodworker" about a guy named Jack Hill a chairmaker in Sussex. He was using some tools called rounders. very interesting. Does anyone have any knowledge,sites,plans or otherwise so that a person could make some of his own.. These don't seem to be in...
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    BE nice to her LOL

    Looks like you Brits have to be nicer to Gwynith. http://www.thisislondon.com/showbiz/art ... 0Mail&ct=5 If you don't she'll come back here. We got enough of them whining movie star types
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    ?? for the Scotts i think and one for the Irish

    What is the rolling of the stones and throwing of the bones or pole. And what is Suzie dancing in the middle of it for??? Heard it on the radio (PBS) this morning but catch what he was singin about. Nice tune :) For you Irish. Word over here is your makin money hand over fist. Maybe...
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    True hillbilly story

    I was told this to my face today Seems a guy I just meant has woodmaster 20" planer (thicknesser) . He had let a guy use it and the person evidently had knicked the blades pretty good. Well!! He had seen some siding he liked that had many grooves parallel with the grain. So he drove...
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    Space Shuttle

    Spent a little and put my frustration to work revamping our space shuttle program. Us hillbillies have to make do though
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    US hurricane and Europeans

    I think some of you Brits , Scot,Irish French etc. need to come over here and give people a lesson on how you get through a disaster. While I feel for my fellow americans. I think they are the biggest bunch of belly achers. Today when some food got through, military MRE. A lady took it and...
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    Does anybody over there WEAR these

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    "Splain" me this

    I picked up a Stanley 26' / 8meter tape. The Metric side is all CM. But nobody ever talks CM. But I'm right in thinking that there are 10 mm per CM . And each one of them little black lines is a MM. :lol: :lol: :lol: HOw come nobody ever says CM. :lol: :lol:
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    Sizing hand cut dovetails

    I'm interested in how ya'all determine the size for your pins and tails when you do handcut dovetails. Thought I read somewhere that there were "10 suggestions" or something like that for laying them out. I know there is suppose to be a 1/2 pin at each end. I kinda just make them look...
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    I have been interested in the Woodrats and since hangin around here and litening to everyone I wonder how you like them. And how are there HSS router bits. Do they hold up?? how expensive are they. I'd send for the video but its cheaper to ask here , and probably more reliable :) It has to...