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  1. artie

    New second hand trailer

    Picked myself up a nice little tipping trailer today for use behind the mower, but it's big enough to maybe of some use behind the car. It's all good except guy says the tipping mechanism is a bit tight you have to use vice grips. No prob say I prolly won't get tipped much anyway. Anyway I'm...
  2. artie

    No volt switch.

    For a few days I had difficulty when switching on the table saw. I had to hold it in for a while for it to engage, sometimes it didn't work till third or fourth attempt. Today the opposite. It won't turn off. I have to switch off at the wall and as soon as I switch the plug on again, away she...
  3. artie

    Wood blemishes.

    I have noticed that not only are prices rising but quality is heading in the opposite direction. I bought some 119 by 12 t& g the other day, the number of imperfections seems to be up 110% just like the price. Anyone know a handy way to camouflage them. They're sometimes not deep enough to fill...
  4. artie

    Never had a thicknesser, never needed a thicknesser,

    but I've got one. Was offered an old and neglected PT for a very reasonable sum so just to while away the spare time that I don't have I took it. The blades were as sharp as butter knives the chains were dried up and the bushes hadn't seen oil since Adam twert lad. I cleaned, oiled, lubed...
  5. artie

    Simple things mean a lot.

    I have a friend who has a desk job. But recently has been trying to make stuff with his hands. Yesterday he arrived at "the shap" to ask my opinion. He has got himself a cnc laser/cutter something , I've not seen it. He's figured out that it would be good to print/burn/cut designs onto a...
  6. artie

    Bosch 18v driver charging problem

    My trusty cordless driver when I picked it up today was dead, I mean not a kick. I was out on a site so was able to borrow one. After I was finished I picked it up and lo, it worked perfectly. After lunch, I was back in "the shap" picked it up and it was dead again. I performed the normal...
  7. artie

    I am tempted

    I really am
  8. artie

    Lets talk hedge trimmers.

    I've got a hedge about 75m long which I can no longer get tractor access to. The tractor does one side, top and top 600mm or so of the other side. I have no experience with hedge trimmers except a corded B&D one about 40 years ago, which was pretty useless. I expect a petrol one would be...
  9. artie

    Parkside track saw.

    My well used Lidl track saw is now running about 3 mm out of true. I had a look this afternoon and couldn't see any adjustment. I'm off to do a search now, in the meantime if anyone can set me straight, or failing that offer budget replacement suggestions with at least one solid 1.2m track.
  10. artie

    Spyderco CTS BD1N

    I've had it for a few years, a Christmas gift from SWMBO. Clipped in my pocked all the time but doesn't get any heavy abuse. Yesterday the blade ceased to stay open or closed just flops around, Anyone know if it's repairable.
  11. artie

    10:30 this morning.

    In the "shap" Roller door open.
  12. artie


    Anyone know what this is?
  13. artie

    11 mm OSB substitute

    Since OSB has not only increased in price to obscene levels but is also almost unobtainable has anyone found a cost effective alternative?
  14. artie

    White PVC conservatory.

    Has anyone ever had the pleasure of taking down, moving and re erecting a white PVC conservatory? Not sure if I want to give it a go or not.
  15. artie

    Drill bits

    These are coming up for sale at Lidl. Drill Bit Sets - Lidl NI - www.lidl-ni.co.uk I have no idea what they are used for.
  16. artie

    Wood filler. Hot cold, whatever works

    As well as prices going through the roof quality of wood appears to be heading south at a similar pace, I used to remove splits and knots and burn them in the stove, to recover some value. But it's getting so bad I'm going to have to fill the imperfections or double my prices, which have already...
  17. artie


    Swmbo looked over my shoulder the other day when I was viewing the pencil thread. IIRC there was a amazon link to a packet of pencils for £23. When she returned from the shops yesterday she brought these, picked up in the pound shop, for guess how much. I estimate the lead to be 0.6mm, not...
  18. artie

    Lets talk about Jeans

    Don Williams sang. I got my first guitar when I was 14 Now I'm crowding 30 and still wearing jeans Well I'm way way past that and still wearing Jeans. Levi 501s have been my work and casual wear for about as long as I remember. BUT like so many things they are not what they used to be. I...
  19. artie

    Todays mystery object

    Any ideas
  20. artie

    Lets talk lawn mowers.

    I have a paddock <> a half acre. I have been cutting it with a iseki 323 48 inch cut. I have decided to reduce the area of grass and have some wild flower and veg areas. I got a good offer for the Iseki today so I let it go. I'm wondering what would be best to replace it with. I'm not...