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  1. Z

    Old Stanley threaded knobs

    Besides the #45, what planes in the Stanley range, used a threaded wooden knob? I have recently acquired three mint condition knobs and would love to know their history :)
  2. Z

    "SR&L" marking on Type 9 or 10 Stanley No3

    I recently purchased a damaged Stanley No3 Type 10 (1907-1909) mainly for the parts and to use as a test plane for japanning. After cleaning the bottom, I noticed that it had "SR&L" engraved on the heel beneath where the tote sits. I have never seen this marking before, nor reference to it on...
  3. Z

    What Type is this Stanley #4?

    My new $10 purchase arrived during the week, and after checking on rexmill.com I thought I had a Type 6 (1888-1892) After a quick cleanup, I became more confused with its lineage. For example, I noticed a stamp that I had never seen before on the iron cap and the letter "S" on the plane's...
  4. Z

    Union #2 vs Stanley #2

    Sorry to be such a pain in the proverbial. Since acquiring a Stanley # 2 earlier in the week, I have today, picked up a Union #2 from the same seller :) Although the Union had had a crack in the sole braised, I was really after it for parts. Unfortunately, the Record iron that accompanied...
  5. Z

    Width variations between UK/USA made Stanley 5 1/2

    Is it normal for there to be obvious width differences in the same model Stanley hand planes, made in the UK and USA? I was just cleaning my recently acquired USA made Type 13 #5 1/2 when I placed it next to my made in England plane of the same model. The width difference is 1/4" Do these...
  6. Z

    Stanley #2 ID

    Yesterday, when buying a couple of second-hand hand planes, I was given a small plane that was caked in years of dust and grime. The small plane was missing its iron cap and iron, but that was no big deal, as I just wanted to clean and restore it. After dismantling and cleaning the plane, I...
  7. Z

    Cutting threads on Handle bolts

    I am in the process of restoring several Stanley hand planes. I also have a Turner #4 which has a red cellular acetate knob and handle. The handle bolt appears to have been damaged, and needs re-threading. Can anyone tell me what thread specification Turner used? Is it possible to buy dies...
  8. Z

    Prepping before painting

    Anyone care to share their tips on how to best prepare a Stanley plane body and frog for painting? Once the rust and grime has been removed, how to you clean your plane for painting? Thanks :)
  9. Z

    Antique Alex Mathieson & Son Cast Steel Plane

    Is there any interest in this antique 52.5 mm wide, 191 mm long blade?
  10. Z

    Cleaning/Restoring old wooden knobs and totes

    How do you go about cleaning and restoring old wooden knobs and totes that are caked with years of grime, paint and broken varnish/shellac etc ?? Do you soak them in anything or spray them with caustic paint remover? I'd like to hear your views :)
  11. Z

    Festool Platin 2 Abrasives

    Can anyone sell to me, one or two pads of each grit, in the 4923XX Festool Platin 2 Abrasive 150 mm (6") foam pads range?? I understand that these pads are supplied in packs of 15 and that a package of assorted pads is not available. No one sells this product out here in New Zealand, as far as...
  12. Z

    Had fun restoring an old Stanley #71

    I recently purchased a rust covered Stanley #71 - Type 8 from a local refuse waste station. I soaked the plane overnight in EvapoRust, and then after carefully dismantling it, attacked all the parts with a wire brush. As I have a working Type 14 (which I love using) I have placed my restored...
  13. Z

    Help ID'ing Stanley 9 1/2 Block Plane

    I recently purchased a secondhand Stanley 9 1/2 Block Plane. After dismantling and soaking all the parts in Evaporust for 15 hours, I cleaned everything in hot soapy water and used a wire brush and my Dremel to remove all the paint and grime. It is now awaiting a new coat of paint :) I...
  14. Z

    Interchangeability of Stanley Totes

    Are the Totes on Stanley hand planes interchangeable? I have a #8 plane which has a damaged tote. Can it be replaced with that of another model? Is there a list of tote interchangeability?
  15. Z

    Would anyone care to ID this Stanley hand plane?

    It is being claimed to be a Type 7 (1893 - 1899) https://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-coll ... 280589.htm
  16. Z

    When did Stanley first chrome Lever Caps?

    I have searched the logical places (in my opinion :oops: ), but cannot find an answer. When did Stanley first chrome their Lever Caps? Is it acceptable to re-chrome a once non-chromed cap, and conversely, can a previously chromed cap be safely stripped of chrome using a wire wheel or sanding?
  17. Z

    ID for Stanley Lever Cap Patents

    In the process of restoring my Stanley planes, I have noticed that two planes have Lever Caps with a Patent on the reverse. Both patent numbers are the same. One plane is a "Made In Canada" #4 1/2, the other is a "Made in USA"#6 - type 15 The cap from the USA plane has and additional "U" and...
  18. Z

    Steel bolt heads on my #6 Stanley

    Where can I find some information about the types of knob and handle bolts used on a Made in the USA #6 Stanley hand plane? Today after I had taken apart the plane for cleaning, I discovered that both bolts had short steel heads and that the handle screw had been replaced with a cut down bolt...
  19. Z

    Stanley Logo "Orange"

    I am currently restoring a Stanley Type 13 No 8 Jointer. The Lever Cap is in beautiful condition and has polished well. Should I paint the "Stanley" Logo orange, or just leave it grey?
  20. Z

    Made in England Stanley #4

    Decided to clean up a rusty #4 that I purchased a month ago. I place the plane bottom and the Lever Cap in an electrolysis bath, and the remaining parts in a EvapoRust bath - both overnight. The EvapoRust results were amazing. It sure beats using white vinegar. I noticed that the handle bolt...