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  1. el_Pedr0

    Inviting your comments on my wardrobe plans

    I'm about to build a walk-in wardrobe, closely based on one that I've done previously. There are a couple of more complex elements in this one and many of you have already helped on specific elements that I've queried along the way. Now I'm offering up the full model/plan. If there's any...
  2. el_Pedr0

    Should I buy an 8mm collet for my existing 8mm bits, or just rebuy bits to fit my new router

    I've just bought a second hand router that comes with 1/2 and 1/4 inch collets. I've got a handful of bits all 8mm: Leigh dovetail kit (2 bits), and a pack of 5 from Lidl The 8mm collet for the new router is £30 which is about the value of the existing bits (not all of which I use). Is it...
  3. el_Pedr0

    How deep should the housing joint (?) be for a drawer base

    Hi all, I'm designing some drawers for my wardrobe - about 800mm x 500mm x 140mm deep. The sides and back will be made from 15mm thick solid walnut, front from 19mm walnut, and the base from 6mm veneered mdf. How deep should I router the channel in the sides, front and back to slide the drawer...
  4. el_Pedr0

    Construct a tall unit as two cabinets or one?

    Hi all, I'm designing a walk in wardrobe which will look something like this: As you can see, there's some shelving units starting about 2m high. I had originally designed these to be built as separate carcasses from the 'base' units. But I've just found out that I can get my walnut veneered...
  5. el_Pedr0

    How should I construct this shelf?

    Hi all. The drawer unit I'm designing has a shelf with an inlaid glass panel. I'm planning to make this cabinet out of walnut veneered mdf for the panels and solid walnut for various parts where the edge will be visible. My provisional plan for this shelf is to make it out of four lengths of...
  6. el_Pedr0

    Looking for fixing recommendations for glass shelves (and glass thickness)

    Hi all, I'm designing a walk in wardrobe with a display unit. Can you recommend fixings for the glass shelves please. The sides of the unit will be 19mm walnut veneer mdf and back will be a mirror stuck on 6mm mdf. There's an overlapping fascia on the front, so the shelves won't be able to...
  7. el_Pedr0

    OpenCutList looks insanely good

    I was just about to post my sketch up model for critiquing when I stumbled across a previous discussion on the software. In that thread there's a casual mention of OpenCutList. Holy moly - that thing looks like it is a gift from the gods. 🧙‍♂️🧙‍♂️ I'm pretty excited about it - so much so that I...
  8. el_Pedr0

    How should I revive this table?

    Hi all. Seeking your advice on bringing back some lustre and protection for this (rosewood?) table. It's a table which gets used everyday, although usually has a wax/plastic coated tablecloth to minimise the damage. I'm hoping for a solution where I can focus on the parts that need attention...
  9. el_Pedr0

    Your opinions on Larch/Douglas Fir cladding and framing please

    I'm going to clad the front of my small garden building in a waney edge timber. A couple of questions for you. Q1) Larch or Douglas Fir? I was thinking of European Larch. But what about Douglas Fir? My permeter fence is planed western red cedar (the contemporary horizontal slatted type), so I...
  10. el_Pedr0

    Wanting to build a door for a glorified shed with a bit of substance

    Hi all, Please can you share some ideas of how to build a door for my small shed/garden building. The door will be clad in larch and I want it to feel a bit substantial - kind of like a normal door rather than a shed door. The sides and back of the building will be clad in bog standard treated...
  11. el_Pedr0

    How can I put a bullnose on the edge of this oak tread?

    Hi all, I've made a staircase narrower. The treads used to go wall to wall, so had flat cut ends. Now I'm going to cut them narrower I want the sides to have a bull nose to match the front. The treads are oak. They aren't fitted to the stairs at the moment, so no issues with limited access. I...
  12. el_Pedr0

    How can I revive this old french bed frame?

    Hi all, I'd like to revive an old french bed frame and would be grateful for advice on how to do so sympathetically. Having read other threads here I recognise that the best advice when it comes to conservation/restoration is to leave it to the professionals, but I do not have the budget for...
  13. el_Pedr0

    Wooden unit in a bathroom - possible or mad?

    I'd like to build a simple floating shelfing unit in my bathroom and would like to know if there's anyway of doing it without it becoming a nightmare. It'll be next to the basin, so the soap bottle will go on it, and innevitably there will be some water drips getting onto it. I've done a model...
  14. el_Pedr0

    What router would you recommend for dovetails with a leigh D4 jig?

    To any Leigh D4 owners out there. What 230V router would you recommend? I've been told that a fixed base (or even better one that has a removable plunger accessory) is best to be absolutely sure about eliminating movement during routing. edit - and I've also been told that 1/2" bits make for...
  15. el_Pedr0

    Is this construction possible with dovetails

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice as I design drawer units for a wardrobe. I'm trying to create a draw like the one in the attached photo: Draw sides: 15mm solid walnut Draw front: 19mm solid walnut with toughened glass insert Draw bottom: 6mm walnut veneered mdf It will sit on blum movento...