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  1. deema

    Wadkin BGS10…The rarest table saw Wadkin made. Full Restoration

    I’m sure very few people will know of or have seen a Wadkin BGS 10 table saw. What’s so special? Well, the BGS10 is basically the much loved Wadkin AGS10 with a sliding table, a genuine cast iron slider that sits right up against the blade. This makes it far more versatile than the AGS10 which...
  2. deema

    Jones and Shipman 540P Rebuild

    I thought I’d share my adventures with a new to me surface grinder. I’ve done a lot of woodworking machine restorations, and only dabbled a bit with metal working machines, so this is a first! Now, I know less than would fit in the back of a postage stamp about grinding, but I do have jobs that...
  3. deema

    Chisel handle sizes

    Im puzzled, and I cant find an answer to why different sizes of chisel have different diameters of handle? The trend for both vintage made and new is for narrower blades chisels to have a smaller diameter handle. For me, there is a size of handle that fits my hand and feels right, any larger and...
  4. deema

    Sedgwick Tesh Tenoner Cutter head size query

    Sedgwick on their latest machines have changed the scribing heads from 55mm to 60mm.......not a big change but does anyone know why? I have Tesh 3 and have a set of 55 and 60mm heads for it. So far, I have never needed to fit the 60mm heads. I can’t think of an instance when the extra 10mm of...
  5. deema

    Custom Spindle Moulder Cutters

    I have a project to make a number of meters of skirting that has to match the rest of the house. It’s a little unusual, and not a ‘standard‘ pattern that you can find in say the older joinery books / product catalogues. The skirting is circa 200mm tall (8”) circa 30mm thick and the moulding is...
  6. deema

    What would you buy?

    I’d really appreciate knowing what you think, what you would prefer if you were buying your next wood working machine. I have three choices for the electrics of a bandsaw(SCM S45) which is currently 3 phase I will be restoring and don’t know which solution to go for. Option 1. This is my usual...
  7. deema

    Quick Casement (opening) window repair

    I have a couple of windows that needed to be either repaired or replacing. When a window gets into this state I would normally just make a new casement window, it’s almost as quick to do. Initial inspection and a bit of prodding confirmed that they have rotted from where the bottom rail meets up...
  8. deema

    New shaft on a motor

    Thought this might be interesting. I managed to bend a shaft on a motor, not a normal motor, but one I would not be able to replace. So, the only option was either to scrap the whole machine or reshaft the motor. The motor is only a toddler, around 0.5KW, something so small I wouldn’t normally...
  9. deema

    Patent versus Copyright

    I was spurred to this thread by listening this morning to the news about how unfair it is for the song creators with streaming. It may be just me, but I find the laws surrounding copyright and patents to be really unfair. To register copyright, you just add the C logo and a bit of text and you...
  10. deema

    Combination Square sets Moore & Wright vrs Oxford Precision

    I’m in the market for a new combination set, soooo I’ve been researching the options. Ideally I’d like hardened and ground surfaces including the ruler. The only option I can find is the Moore and Wright set, all the others have stainless steel rulers. However, the Oxford precision set, which...
  11. deema

    Can we please get rid of the apparent scam message?

    I’m not sure if Im alone in having at the top of my page on this site the following ‘unopened’ mail message, checking the linked to site it appears to be a scam / highly suspect according to google checks.
  12. deema

    Holroyd Grinder Help

    I’ve recently bought a Holroyd grinder, lovely bit of old iron tha5 needs some TLC. It has two wheels that are slow turning, and two that are fast turning. The two wheels just visible are slow turning the one on the left is unbelievable fine, almost an oil stone. On the other side there is a...
  13. deema

    Wadkin AGS fine fence adjust dimensions help

    I’m going to make a new fine adjuster for an AGS saw, does anyone know what the profile is that is cut into the gear? It looks to be just a straight cut, but I’d have thought it was a proper gear form. Thanks in advance.
  14. deema

    Scraper Plane No80

    The No80 scraper plane seems to be a tool that few people use judging by the prices on auction sites. I personally find it an extremely useful tool, and one that I reach for often. I’m curious why people don’t seem to value and use them? For me, a scraper plane (not just the No80) can be used...
  15. deema

    Good customer Service from Mafell and NMA Agencies

    I seem to be drawn to the NMA Services stand each year at the Harrogate woodworking show. Last year I bought the Mafell M Class dust extractor which I have been very pleased with. There has been one niggle, after about 6 months of use the rubber end of the hose that pushes into power tool in use...
  16. deema

    Which Paint Spray System HP, HVLP, MPLV, LPLV other?

    I’ve been looking at spray guns since my compressor in the Fuji Q4 packed up and is presently on the ‘mend it bench’. I’m getting very confused. There appears to be four types of gun. Normal high pressure spraying, HVLP, MVLP and LVLP. There seems to be either guns that run off compressors, or...
  17. deema

    Fuji HVLP Compressor Failure - Help and Repair WIP

    I’ve had a 4 stage Fuji HVLP for a few years, I’m no paint sprayer, but I have enjoyed using it and like the system. Yesterday, however, a puff of smoke an angry change of note in the compressor was followed by the lights going out. Right in the middle of painting the compressor had gasped for...
  18. deema

    Wadkin Spindle Moulder Dovetail Jig Manual

    I have just got a Wadkin Spindle Moulder Dovetail jig with all six combs from a really nice chap called Rob. I believe the jig has an awful lot if ingenious setting facilities and was hoping someone might be able to point me to a manual or have a copy of the manual they would be kind enough to...
  19. deema

    Sedgwick looks to have changed

    I’ve been looking at the Sedgwick range of machines online. They appear to have changed the design of their planner thicknessers. Has anyone got one of the new ones? Or seen one in the flesh? They originally design had cast iron sides on to which the planner beds bolted. It was only the lower...
  20. deema

    New invention circular saw kick back

    Found this on uTube. Looks to be a brilliant solution to kick back on hand held circular saws, track saws and potentially routers. I hope it gets commercialised https://youtu.be/OdW7vhYYSdM