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    Is a split router fence really neccessary?

    Use mine occasionally with a shimmed outfeed fence for jointing.
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    Which resin to fill letters in a sign?

    I watch a lot of boat building videos on YouTube. Most of them based in the USA. They all seem to use a lot of Total Boat products who supply a very extensive range of epoxy products. Can you buy this stuff in the UK?
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    Them wer't days

    There is a small hardware store near me that still sells screws out the box. In any quantity you want. Great when you just need one or two of an unusual length or size
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    New woodworking TV show on BBC2

    Bring back Barry Buknell !
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    How to cut an inner radius

    Forstner bit, been there - done rhat
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    New woodworking TV show on BBC2

    Oh yes, I do like a "special interests" video 😉
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    Finally joined the Festool club!

    Worth paying that little extra for the quality. Its a well known fact that Festool millimetres and centimetres are so much more accurate and consistent compared to other manufacturers. They go through a rigorous quality assessment process that rejects many of them as they are not up to standard...
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    CVT (Autogearbox)

    Have driven three cars with automatic transmission. First was a Ford Grenada 2.8. A basic 3 speed box with kickdown. Nothing fancy to write home about but cruised well. Second was a 2.3 BMW 3 series 5 speed with tiptronic. Nice drive and I used to use the tiptronic quite a lot. I felt that I...
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    Water pistol recommendations

    Very funny, but unfortunately very close to the truth. A colleague of mine went through a similar episode in rural Gloucestershire (3 guys raiding his property and attempting to steal his ride on lawnmower). After the episode the police threatened to revoke his firearms license but backed down...
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    Dust masks. Do you shave?

    During the Falklands war all naval personnel entering the exclusion zone were required to be clean shaven so that gas masks would fit and seal properly. A lot of old salty chiefs and POs lost their sets. I have experienced wearing gas masks for extended periods of time whilst having a beard...
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    Water pistol recommendations

    Correct, Wee Willie Krankie does not approve
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    Water pistol recommendations

    20 bore semi auto shotgun. Don't forget to breast them out when despatched. Fresh pigeon breast, better than any steak you can buy!
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    Wooden Ships

    Yes, simply stunning workmanship but completely impractical. Where's the crews quarters? The internal layout effectively demotes this blue water racer to a day boat. OK, if thats what the owner wants, that's what he gets. I have my suspicions that this boat will never achieve its full sailing...
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    Daft question but…

    If you have lots to do then routing is the way to go. Traditionalists often look down on this method. But with a good jig (build your own, lots of designs can be found on YouTube) you can cut a mortice in the time it takes to sharpen your chisel. Don't get me wrong, chisel skills are essential...
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    Old power tools you still have, and which still function.

    I have an all metal body Wolf power drill that was my grandfather's. Only use it now to run a twist drill sharpening jig. Guess it was probably purchased late 50s early 60s. Built like a tank. Only thing I've had to do with it is change the brushes
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    Carbide question

    Indian Pale Ale
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    No, I've paid for my pension via NI contributions over my working life. The state pension is NOT a benefit. As for boundaries, us "old uns" had plenty that have gone by the wayside or are just ignored by subsequent generations
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    Hardwood for Window ledge

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    Confused about screws

    All the above posts offer good advice. I personally avoid using phillips as they are designed to "cam out" at set torque loads. Pozi drive heads are much more secure. If you want a screw thats almost impossible to rip the head on then torx are brilliant. Interestingly there is another type of...
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    Speaker enclosure

    Forgot to say that if your designing the cabinet then be careful that you don't use the same interior dimensions (or exact multiples) for H, W or D. If you do then there's a very good chance that you will get resonant frequencies caused by standing waves inside the enclosure. This can result in...