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    personal website

    Hi, this one is to who has achieved his proper website.. I explain better.. let's say I want to make my website.. Do I have to learn html language or not? I know there're websites where you can make your site, but I don't know if they have any limitations :?: Is there someone who has...

    hand saw identification

    Hi All, yesterday a work collegue of me gave me one hand saw which belonged to his grandfather. I dont' see any mark or logo over.. it's so rust therefore I devolve upon the response to someone can see something through my very poor pics. For my measurement it's 5 1/2 TPI and it seems filed rip...


    Hi All, sometime I have made some panels gluing boards by the edge. When I had time to spend trimmed every board to exact dimension and after I glued all togheter. When I hadn't time to spend and the job could be a little rough (SWMBO said.. how much time do you have to finish that shelve ??) I...

    spinning top

    Hi All, How many have understood by my little posts on this forum I’m a lover of hand tools, those tools at least here in Italy have almost disappeared and pole and treadle lathes have always take room in my thoughts and have always fascinated me. Why don’t’ try hence to achieve anyone...

    inch and mm

    Hi All, I have one thought which you could answer because you use inch measurement. I was wondering if tool-maker make tools for inch and mm market. I explain better.. my thought is .. one chisel of 1/8" wide and 1/4" wide is the same of one of 3mm and 6mm or the translate measurement is 3.175mm...

    Wet grinder advice

    Hi All, I'm decided to buy an electric grinder but I don't know what it the least power required for our needs (to achieve bevel on plane chisel blade). Any advice is welcome. Cheers, Gabriele

    How to..

    Hi Guys, it was much time ago I written on this forum ... more precisely usually I am on the other section(woodworking and hand tool) but now I need an advice on woodturning :wink: I have never turned anything, but in the trial to refurbish an old corner furniture I must to make a new circular...

    japanese chisel doubt

    Hi All, it's jumped in mind a doubt about japanese chisel sharpening. Apologize if the question is stupid but it's better to ask than to have doubts :oops: OK I come to the question... You teach me a keen chisel edge can be achieved only if the flat side of the blade is very flat. In normal...

    one thought...

    Hi All, I'm here ahead the computer and some thoughts run through my mind.... Why here (in Italy) we haven't a lot of reviews, tools (I mean hand tools, naturally, how you know) and flea market as you have. Why? Why the only sorce for quality hand tools is ebay? I'm jealous when I see some of...

    Photo share preferences

    Hi All, how someone know, I'm in the condition to share photos of my works (few for the moment 8) ) :) (finally I have a digital camera) and I'm wondering where you share your photos to show them on this forum. I don't like what gives me the provider. I have something on Photobucket but I can...

    paint MDF??

    Hi All, firtly I must say I'm not an expert with finish, paint and so on... but what I happened this evening seems a sort of magic.. I explain better..I have an old desk of twenty years ago with little value built by a friend of my father for me and my brother. It's made of a core of (I think)...

    new era

    Hi guys, last week-end it was a day in which I’m became as most of you : at the rate of the times. What do I mean , you could say? Since when I married, now it’s the time I have the telephone at home, the fixed phone not cellular. This means that now I have the broadband or ADSL as you want at...

    who are we?

    Hi All, It's so some time I post on this board and I had the pleasure to write more with someone than with others. Perhaps it's only for myself but I feel it could be kind to know who I write with. I have been able to know some of you through some posts or own web sites. What do you think if...

    stabler wood list

    Hi All, when I neared at this wonderful world which is wood and woodworking it was blame of a book my wife given to his father. It spoken of pear tree as the stabler wood around. Old straightedges were achieved with that essence because it'll never move or few. Is possible :?: , by your...

    drill perpendicularly

    Hi All, I'm in the situation to achieve some holes in the cost of some slabs for dowels shelves. I'm wondering if it's possible to do those holes perpendicularly to the costs without a drill press, with a sort of jig. Is there anyone who has achieved a sort of that or can give me advices...

    there isn't just peace under the olive trees

    Hi All, my woodworking has to be stopped again :cry: . Why? OK. a brief story..... how some of you know, I moved house a while ago. In the new house I have an area uncompleted where I put all my stuffs. That area of the house (30 mq) should be been the zone called "foresteria" how you say, I...

    wood friction

    Hi All, Most of you know me, and know I don't have a lot of experience therefore excuse me :lol: but I must to do the new question: OK. So far now, I have worked with fir and oak, I ever had worked with beech. Yesterday I planed on a slab of beech for three wall shelves for SMWBO. I found...

    term explanation

    Hi, how a foreign for understanding I must translate in my own language. Over the years of navigation on here I have learned many terms which are become my own: when I speak with people with this wonderful interest I find me to speak with your english term without translate it in Italian...

    bandsaw or tablesaw?

    Hi All, I'm come back again around wood :) You are wondering: where did you be? Well, my mind was captured about solar panel to warm the house and I was on a tv repairing. Results? Much theory and nothing of practical. Until now 8) Let's come on wood... You know (at least who remember me)...

    Joinery advice

    Hi All, Do you advice me any good book about Joinery? Thanks, Gabriele