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    Beech log cutting and beech vessels

    hello folks I have cut the last of a batch of beech that I bought about 3 years ago, I wanted it to spalt with lots of zonal lines but it had other ideas!! here are two beech logs, both were about 20" wide and by the time the ends were trimmed the blanks from them were about 14/15" long. this...
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    Ash vessel

    hello folks here is an ash vessel which I have finished recently, it is turned cross grain and is part of the lightning ash tree that I have been working on which for those that haven't been following the project on my facebook page is/was a giant ash tree with very unusual markings that was...
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    Hybrid boxes, ozzy burr's and spruce cones

    hello folks Here are a few hybrid boxes that I have made recently These are all approx 65mm wide by 90mm tall
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    slanty top'd oak form

    hello folks here is an oak form that I finished recently 5 1/2" wide 9" tall
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    Hybrid helmet designs

    hello folks these are two of a series of helmets/mask's that i've been working on recently they are not meant to be a direct copy of any historical helmet, I have taken idea's from several sources- films, games. history etc white mallee burr 3"x 4" burr elm 3"x 4"
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    Hybrid mini cone box

    hello folks I've just made this new box- it has a mix of orange silver and black resin.... ...and proved very tricky to photograph!! 3 1/8" tall by 2 3/8" wide
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    Sierra & virage pens

    hello folks here are two new pens which I've made recently, both have a CA finish. Elegant sierra with satin chrome/chrome plating with U.S cherry burr Virage platinum plating with a white mallee burr group pic
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    Various olive ash forms

    hello folks here are a few forms that i've made recently. they are all ash most are half olive heartwood and half sapwood and a couple have the darker black heart colouration. 7"tall x 4"wide 6"tall by 3" wide 9" tall by 5 1/2" wide 4"tall x 4" wide 3 1/2"tall x 3 1/2" wide 6"...
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    olive ash vase (with some WIP workshop pics)

    hello folks what with one thing or another its been a couple of months since i've done any hollow forms or vase's here's my first effort of getting back into the swing of things!! the initial blank was 13" long and about 7 1/2" square- mounted between centres roughing out with a 5/8" gouge...
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    dust extractor electric question/help

    Hello folks I am terrible with electrics :oops: and I need some help with an electrical problem please!! I’ve got a cyclone dust extractor which has a self cleaning thing on the filter- I switch the machine off then a separate little motor switches on and rattles the filter shaking out and...
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    mullberry,rippled sycamore and boxwood boxes

    Hello folks here are a few boxes that i've finished recently mullberry with jet inlay 2 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" tall rippled sycamore 2" wide by 3" tall boxwood with turquoise inlay 2 3/4" wide by 2 3/4" tall
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    Hybrid boxes- loofah & mini cones

    Hello folks here are a few new ones red and gold mini cone 3 1/8" tall by 2 3/8" wide Loofah 3 1/8" tall by 2 3/8" wide orange and pearl white mini cones 3" tall 2 3/8" wide
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    Slanty top'd sycamore forms

    Hello folks Here are a few sycamore forms which i've finished recently 12" tall 9" tall 9" tall group pic
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    Assorted hollow forms

    Hello folks here are some more forms which i've finished recently Sycamore 8 3/4" tall Sycamore 10" tall Sycamore 8" tall Sycamore 7 3/4" tall spalted beech 5" tall spalted beech 3 1/4" tall spalted beech 5" tall spalted beech ovoid form 3 7/8" tall rippled olive ash ovoid form...
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    A few new forms

    Hello folks here's some which i've finished recently quilted ash 3 1/4" tall Olive ash 4 3/4" tall Olive ash 4 1/2" tall burr elm 4 1/2" tall Spalted beech 11 1/2" tall
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    Another Hybrid pine cone form

    Hello folks The first one of these I made sold a few days after I made it. I was then approached by a private collector who asked me to make another similar piece for him. so here's another large Hybrid pine cone hollow form 3 3/4" tall by 3" wide
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    Hybrid mini cone boxes

    Hello folks here are three new boxes and a hybrid cigar pen I cast the blanks last week and have turned these in my spare time over the past few days the boxes are all around 60mm wide by 85mm tall The pen is a Berea Hybrid 18c black titanium and platinum cigar- with one of my york...
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    Large pine cone hollow form

    Hello folks here is one of my latest cast blanks- it has one large pine cone embedded within the resin with the base of the cone at the top of the form(I might try the next one the other way up) its 3 1/2" tall by 2 7/8" wide from this... to this.
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    Olive ash crotch figured forms

    Hello folks Here are 5 forms which I have made from the log in this thread 8" tall by 6 1/2" wide 5" tall 4" wide 4" tall 4 1/2" wide 4 7/8"" tall 4" wide 4" tall 4 1/4" wide
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    Atrax,Electra & Triton pens

    Hello folks Here are four new pens that i've made today there was going to be a short video to go with it but during editing it ...er... somehow went missing and i cant seem to find it again!! All four pens are finished with CA and are the Berea brand of kits and my own cast Hybrid blanks...