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  1. CHJ

    Safety & Help, Information Sticky threads (2 off)

    The Two Safety and Help Threads at the top of the turning forum are now of very limited use. Many links to former UKW threads are incorrect. As editing not allowed and threads Locked to new postings the usefulness of these previously high view count threads is questionable.
  2. CHJ

    Expensive Decking Screw

    First time out any distance in the car since the beginning of march yesterday for lockdown deferred Hospital appointment sees us acquiring a Decking Screw? Introduced itself with a little orange warning graphic to add interest to the drive whilst negotiating a horrendous thunderstorm and this...
  3. CHJ

    We were there.

    Total coincidence, we were moving the filing cabinets and contents back in the 'office' after fitting new carpet tiles today, during the a long overdue check and pruning of contents the family archives came up with these newspaper copies amongst several others from past events. I have memories...
  4. CHJ

    Here’s to turning in 2020

    As is the norm this time of year, several projects in the system awaiting the joys of spring; however given the reasonable shed temps over the last couple of days, it seemed it's time to stop prevaricating and start the tools turning.
  5. CHJ

    EverBuild D4 shelf Life.

    Regarding the stated shelf life of 6 months from date of manufacture. Anybody had any experience on how critical this is. As it comes in 1 Ltr. bottles I can't see me using anywhere near half of it in that sort of timescale. Is it a case of 'guaranteed performance' by the manufacture. And in...
  6. CHJ

    How does this work?

    How come you can see a reflected image of the burners and the pot stands UNDER the steel Base disc sitting on the glass. If you point your finger straight down at the burner centre you can see your finger in the reflection.
  7. CHJ

    Questions on Musical instrument finishing

    Stolen from Cocobolo finishing thread Sorry, straying off topic, but just realised I've never considered the reaction of wooden wind instruments to breathing air moisture, is it a problem necessitating the sealing of the inner airways or is the fact that denser woods are used enough?
  8. CHJ

    Cole Jaw Buttons

    May be of interest to those using Cole Jaws from various sources. I have Axminster Brand Cole Jaws and use them extensively in my turning niche. Always on the lookout for maximising the security of hold for different situations I'm open to improving the safety aspects of the hold whenever...
  9. CHJ

    Just had a visitor

    Dropped in for afternoon visit and stayed for a bite to eat. Not the best of images but could not move to get nearer without the two layers of double glazing and only an old 'phone camera to hand.
  10. CHJ

    Spinning Through the Wood Pile

    Slow start as usual this time of year for me, hopefully things will speed up with the coming seasons and a few less winter diversions. Did manage these in January,
  11. CHJ

    New Ceiling Ideas anyone

    A feast for the eyes of those who appreciate the craftsmanship needed to construct this wooden ceiling let alone secure it in position.
  12. CHJ

    Better use than firewood I suppose

    Several more in slightly better condition were in evidence used in the décor in the restaurant (decorum prevented going around snapping).
  13. CHJ

    Topic of the Week Sticky

    Week 1:- Airbrushing Week 2:-Hollow forms made simple! Week 3:-Christmas Week 4:-Tools Week 5:-Hybrid Wood/Resin etc.
  14. CHJ

    Calling E Wan

    viewtopic.php?f=30&t=114774&view=unread&sid=692297c967f1b4b0b481d1557fddfdee#unread You do not need a large solid lump of wood. Make yourself a Torsion Box out of 25mm timber and fill with sand.
  15. CHJ

    Sometimes-you-wish-you'd-not-passed-a-comment phase 2

    Remember the wool saga late last year? Well it's struck again, do you want some Alpaca? Just back from a day at the Bristol Harbour Festival to be greeted with this.
  16. CHJ

    Headphone tour of the Planets.

    If you've the odd 52 minutes to relax out of the sun with suitable refreshments. Binaural recording of Holst's The Planets. From Prom 1, 2018. BBC Proms, 2018 Headphone mix of Holst's The Planets 52 mins
  17. CHJ

    Classic Hand Tools at Westonbirt this weekend.

    For those that don't get the newsletter. Westonbirt Woodworks Open Days Westonbirt Arbortetum, Tetbury, Glos. GL8 8QS Friday 29 & Saturday 30 June 2018 - 10am to 3pm https://www.datapartners.co.uk/mailerma ... E1JmM9MTgz
  18. CHJ

    Reference & Information Stickys

    How To Buy Hardwoods :- by Custard UK & Ireland TIMBER YARDS - PLEASE Add Your Favourites :- by Newbie_Neil Trying linseed paint - £141.68 for 1 litre :- by ColeyS1 Free Downloadable Woodworking Books, Plans & Ref. Sites :- by CHJ UKW Wood Price Calculators;- FREE to download. :- by...
  19. CHJ

    Gallery additions, the quest for me time.

    As the years roll by time seems to get ever more in short supply, that to just relax and have a couple of hours doing something basic without any deadlines or commitments seems even more elusive. Not that turning has been at a total standstill so far this year, This and several other...
  20. CHJ

    A Good Oldie Plane

    Seen at Peterborough today.