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    Sash Windows

    I’m in the midst of making 3 sash windows out of rough sawn Accoya, to a tradition design - i’m basically copying off some existing so I’m not using any modern methods of draught proofing. I’ve made the 3 sash box frames and I’m about to start preparing the timber for the sashes. My questions...
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    It’s overwhelming me!! I’ve got bags of it o_O Local tip doesn’t want to let me in. Anyone got any suggestions of what type of Industries might want to take It off my hands. All suggestions gratefully welcome!
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    Kitchen Cabinets

    I'm about to embark on a new project - face frame kitchen cabinets - and having never made any before I have a lot of questions that maybe the good people here who are far more experienced may be able to help me out with. I'll also post pics here as I go and document the project. The cabinets...
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    Sash window

    Thought I would join this forum to glean a bit more knowledge and share my current project. Never done much before in the way of carpentry, but I needed a triple sash window making and I felt the quotes I was receiving were a little steep so decided to have a bash myself. I'm learning as I go...