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  1. Cordy

    Circular Saws sharpened at Wigan

    Yesterday I took 3 blades, 2, 250 mm Freud blades from my table saw and one 305 mm from Bosch GCM 12 GDL mitre saw Total cost £18.00 They said call back in 30 minutes to collect A great job at a most reasonable price LINK
  2. Cordy

    Photos of the last thing I made

    My neighbour/builder gave me a White Oak Handrail, 3.8 metres long So cut it and planed some parts of it to make this bird table; which I presented to my sister-in-law Used some Walnut off-cuts that were lying around for the roof and splines Treated with a mix of Danish Oil, Boiled Linseed Oil...
  3. Cordy

    Sold Sealey Bench drill for sale

    Sold SOLD Sold 12 speed, 2 belts; weighs 35 kilos Very quiet in operation I bought this new in 2005 for hobby use, little used In excellent condition Recent keyless chuck £50 collected from Wigan -- 2 miles from M6
  4. Cordy

    Withdrawn Whitehead planer for sale

    withdrawn from sale Whitehead Planer Made in the 1950s New 240 volt 2.5 hp motor fitted in 2017 -- new belts at the same time Six inch x 3 ft long bed 3 blade machine, comes with Diamond Planer Blade Hone which sharpens the blades very well In excellent condition £300.00 collected from Wigan...
  5. Cordy

    Lock-down Planter build

    Made this planter while in lockdown Dictated by available timber -- design and build as you go, so lots of alterations Massive Router cutter; cheap and quick delivery from Amazon Soil area dimensions; 28" long 12'5"wide by 14 inches deep
  6. Cordy

    Looking for 'Flat Top teeth' blade for D/Walt 745

    Decided to have a go at making finger joints using my Dewalt 745 tablesaw So far I have not managed to find a UK supplier of the Flat top blades as shown in Tamar's video HERE My usual blade size is 250 mm diameter x 30 mm bore Any info much appreciated
  7. Cordy

    How can I stop this joint opening up ?

    Before Now, after a few months outside Bought as p a r Redwood and treated with Sikkens Each joint screwed together with 3 long pocket hole screws Now planning to make another hexagon shaped planter with similar top collar Probably be about 20 mm x 4 inches How can I reduce the chance...
  8. Cordy

    SOLD - Festool Domino 500Q - SOLD

    Sold -- to a forum member
  9. Cordy

    British hardwoods Open Day

    British Hardwoods Unit 9, Riparian Way The Crossings Business Park Cross Hills, Keighley West Yorkshire BD20 7BW
  10. Cordy


    Cedar now withdrawn as no genuine interest shown
  11. Cordy

    Made a Planter Box

    Started with a pile of 6 x 1 par and 4 x 2 scant; all cheap Redwood from Wigan Timber Sadly, the Bosch crosscut doesn't have an indent at 30 degrees :( So used the Incra on my D/W contractor saw Yes, I lowered the blade before actually cutting :) These 18 parts cut on Cross-cut...
  12. Cordy

    Help please with cutting list

    LINK The design in this video looks good, I would like to have a go at making it Trouble is I just can't get my head round the cutting list His 6 x 1s must be full 6 x 1 and not p a r; also he doesn't mention how long the original spars are; I realise that the final uprights will need to be...
  13. Cordy

    SOLD; SOLD Chip and Dust Collector - 550 Watt

    Bought this machine from Rutlands last year Only filled the bag twice so machine is like new Very efficient when used with my Planer and thicknesser 230 volts £90.00 collected from Wigan -- 2 miles from M6 Reduced to £75.00
  14. Cordy

    Withdrawn from sale - Whitehead

  15. Cordy

    Withdrawn from sale - Makita

    This was bought new by me and has had light hobby use Still has the original blades fitted; new set bought and never opened the packet ! 230 volt Instruction manual A quality machine in excellent condition Reduced to £300.00 collected from Wigan -- 2 miles from M6
  16. Cordy

    SOLD SOLD Hegner variable speed

    Multicut 1 made in 2002 230 Volt Excellent condition, I have owned this machine for 4 years; hardly used last couple of years More than 40 new blades Included is a useful magnifying lamp and spare element Collect from Wigan -- 2 miles from M6 £240.00 ---- All proceeds to Derian House; a...
  17. Cordy

    WiFi Radio; any good ?

    Has anyone got a 'WiFi' radio ? I'm thinking about getting something like THIS Not sure if they are Ok At the mo I am listening to Classic FM South Africa version via my computer Would be good to occasionally listen in my garage
  18. Cordy

    British Hardwoods Discount Code

    10% off all timber products for the month of January 2019 Promo code JANSALE19 NEW LOOK
  19. Cordy

    SOLD Metabo KGS 216M Sliding Saw SOLD

    Bought this new and not used very much Freud LP 40M Blade 230 Volt Excellent condition £90.00 Collect from Wigan -- 2 miles from M6
  20. Cordy

    SOLD Bench Grinder SOLD

    Bench grinder in excellent condition; mounted on 40 mm plywood base Three componants for sharpening Cutter/chisels Collect from Wigan - 2 miles from M6 Price includes the Robert Sorby chisel plus Diamond Grinding Disc Wheel Stone Dresser Reduced to £60.00