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  1. Pete Maddex

    The Chop, Sky History (Sky 123)Thuesday 15th 9:00

    Are we going to be watching it? https://www.history.co.uk/shows/the-chop-britain-s-top-woodworker Pete
  2. Pete Maddex

    24 hours in A&E on now

    Man removed 3 fingers with a chopsaw on now, really makes you think about safety when the take him to x-ray with his fingers in a bowl. Pete
  3. Pete Maddex

    video test

    Sunlight filtered through a tree
  4. Pete Maddex

    Don't put your tractors in a line.

    Its a saying from the Old Tools Group, it applys to anything not just tractors. I showed the wife this. The big three by Pete Maddex, on Flickr She said I had enough routers, I didn't point out the other Mof177e in the router table, or the four 1/4" routers. Pete
  5. Pete Maddex

    Workzone scrub plane conversion

    Hi Chaps While searching for some tap washers I found this Workzone plane. Workzone scrub plane conversion by pete maddex, on Flickr As you can see it was reduced, so I bought intending to make a scrub plane out of it. So after drawing a 150mm radius on the blade I ground it back to the line...
  6. Pete Maddex

    Coopered uplighter

    Hi Chaps I have been making this for a while. Coopered uplighter by Pete Maddex, on Flickr Coopered uplighter inside by Pete Maddex, on Flickr Made from Doug fir, the angles are very tricky to get right lots of adjustment to get the fit exactly right a cambered blade helps a lot. Tight...
  7. Pete Maddex

    Cambered blade

    Useful for adjusting the angle of slats when making a coopered cylinder. Taken with a Lensbaby composer pro and sweet 35 lens. Tight spiral by Pete Maddex, on Flickr Pete
  8. Pete Maddex

    Wood sale At Joseph's tea room Whitwick le675up 1st Feb

    Hi Chaps Any one going? I will be there from opening time 10:00. The cake is to die for. Pete
  9. Pete Maddex

    Scheppach wet sharpener-Aldi

    Thats cheap! https://www.aldi.co.uk/scheppach-wet-sh ... 1303380400 Pete
  10. Pete Maddex

    Egg shaped scraper

    Hi Chaps I cut a branch of my apple tree that was getting in the way and decided to make a spoon. That was a couple of days a go and now it is dry I decided to finish it, so after some knife work and scraping I decided to tackle in inside on the bowl, I started with a goose neck scraper but it...
  11. Pete Maddex

    Veritas plane kit build

    I bought a Veritas plane kit from Woodblok66 on the for sale/wanted, and promised to do a WIP. So here is the first stage. Wenge plane by Pete Maddex, on Flickr I cut a chunk of Wenge up to form the sides and body, I trimmed down the 4" square piece so I didn't have to plane as much wood, bad...
  12. Pete Maddex

    Boot sale

    Well I went this morning dragged the wife along, found a Moulson Brothers saw 1825-1893 so possibly 190 years old a Brown and Sharp trammel 3/4" and 1/4" pairing chisels £8.50 the lot. Pete
  13. Pete Maddex

    Grooving Plane

    Hi chaps Spent the weekend in the workshop making a grooving plane to match a tonguing plane I picked up a while ago. Mostly with hand tools, a little band sawing to get the block to rough size. Grooving plane by Pete Maddex, on Flickr Grooving plane by Pete Maddex, on Flickr I just have to...
  14. Pete Maddex

    Rosewood Spokeshave

    Rosewood Spokeshave I made the body and the blade, bought some knobs but they are far too silly to stay on, I need to get the metal lathe out of the shed! Rosewood Spokeshave by Pete Maddex, on Flickr Rosewood Spokeshave by Pete Maddex, on Flickr In action on some cherry. Rosewood...
  15. Pete Maddex

    Wood sale St Joseph's tea room Leicester this Sunday

    Hi chaps I am going to the wood sale at St Joseph's tea room Abbey Grange, Oaks Road, Whitwick LE67 5UP, the place with the fantastic cakes. I am taking the wife, I know I am spoiling her but she is worth it. :D http://rowanwoodlandproducts.weebly.com/ They usually have a good selection of...
  16. Pete Maddex

    The Midlands Woodworking Show

    Anybody going to the Midlands Woodworking Show? Looks like a good line-up of exhibitors etc. http://www.nelton.co.uk/midlands-woodwo ... -show.html I might get the day off and go on the Friday, if any one else can make it. Pete
  17. Pete Maddex

    Gold Mallet/Milk bottle Mallet

    I have been saving up the gold Robinsons Fruit and Barley bottle tops for some time, in fact until they stopped making it and brought out a new range with a higher price and different coloured tops. It's taken a while as I average only 2 bottles a week. I decided to go with what I had, the...
  18. Pete Maddex

    Peel lid box

    Another box with a peel lid, Lacewood top, pallet wood sides, cherry bottom and rosewood hinges. I planes up the sides to 15mm mitred them on the shooting board cut the rebates for the hinges and glued them together, then sawed and plained angles. I glued two pieces of rosewood for the hinges at...
  19. Pete Maddex

    Marples boxwood 1 1/2" chisels Sold

    I have two very nice cast steel boxwood handled chisels for sale. Marples 1 1/2” chisels by pete maddex, on Flickr One with a new boxwood handle, sharp and ready to use. £12 including P&P each. Pete
  20. Pete Maddex

    Free Spur shelving Sold

    Free Spur shelving collection only from Nottingham, it would make a good wood rack. Some rust as its been in my shed for a while. 4 x 6 foot 8 x 4 foot 14 shelf beackets and 4 book ends that clip into the uprights Spur by pete maddex, on Flickr Pete