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    Time for a new Drill & Impact driver....what's your thoughts?

    I've been using a Dewalt DC988 for 15 years for DIY work and it's been a great bit of kit. The gears are getting hard to engage now but the big problem really is the batteries don't hold a charge for long. I've got a range of dewalt battery powered tools, impact driver, circular saw, SDS drill...
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    What can I do with this Cherry tree?

    Is this just firewood or can it be used for anything else?
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    Pocket hole screw question

    There's seems to be a UK wide shortage of the 64mm Kreg exterior grade pocket hole screws, including the bigger HD screws so I need an alternative for fixing 2x4's. I've already got a load of 50mm screws (2") but after an unglued test joint (I am planning to glue the joints though) I think they...
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    Sizing end grain

    I've seen mixed opinions of watering down the glue versus just applying a thin coat straight from the bottle - which is best? Also, can I apply this the night before or do I need the first coat to be tacky before applying the second coat?
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    Pocket hole jigs

    I've had a Dakota (Rutlands) pocket hole jig for quite a few years but never really used it. I want to make some garden furniture out of 2x4s I assumed I could use this jig. Having had a look on the web it seems that there are a few elements I could do with understanding before I commit to...
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    Spar urethane - advice how to treat tantalised garden table

    I’ve just built a table and benches out of tanalised softwood sleepers and the advice from those over the pond is to use a mix of spar urethane and teak oil. The idea is that it penetrates the wood and forms a hard finish, but not like a polyurethane which sits on top of the wood. Trouble is...
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    Best fixing for green railway sleeper outdoor table

    I'm building a chunky garden table and bench from tanalized railway sleepers (200mm x 100mm) and wondered which is best for fixings? These: https://www.toolstation.com/forgefast-t ... rew/p38111 or these: https://www.screwfix.com/p/turbocoach-c ... pack/27508 I need a mixture of 200mm and...
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    New to turning: What is this set up?

    I'm considering making a stave/block drum and want to know what this set-up is so I can research it further.
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    Help with church pew end panels

    I posted this in the general woodworking forum so apologies if you've already read it, but, has anyone cut down old church pews before and made up new end panels? I'm just looking for ideas as to the different options I might have. I was initially thinking of jointing 100x50mm pine, cutting the...
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    Church pews

    Has anyone cut down old church pews before and made up new end panels? I'm just looking for ideas as to the different options I might have. I was initially thinking of jointing 100x50mm pine, cutting the profile out then shaping the edges.
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    Suggestions on how to hold spherical material.....

    Not exactly wood turning but I thought there might be some chucks or clamps or even specific techniques that might carry across to what I want to do. I want to cut the bottom off stone/crystal eggs and cigar-shaped materials to make a level base. What's the best way to hold the eggs/cigars so...
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    What's this use for?

    Any ideas what this tool is for? I've tried to search the internet and even contacted the manufacturer and still, I'm in the dark.
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    What fastener is this for?

    Got a bag full when I bought a load of fasteners from auction. There's a standard SS bolt with a rubber sleeve that has a brass insert for the bolt to nip up to. Just wondering what they're used for as they look pretty specific.
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    Exterior shed painting advice...

    I've put together a shed with rough-sawn tanalised timber cladding. It's been weathered for well over 6 months so today I started the job of painting it. I bought some Barn paint from Premium Paints (Paintmaster paints) thinking I could just pain straight onto the wood as I've read you can with...
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    Where did I see this workshop security????

    I don't know if anyone else can remember seeing a way that a guy had secured his workshop/shed whereby he had a metal bar along the inside of the door (like a drawbar or like the ones you see attached to the outside of the door but inside) but then round the side of the shed he had a little...
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    Shed condensation advice?

    I have a section of roof on a new shed that is single skinned PVC (to act as a roof light). The roof itself, from inside out, is 11mm OSB, 100mm rockwell, breather membrane, 3mm Oduline. I've just bought some greenhouse acrylic today in the hope that if I fix and seal it towards the internal...
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    Drying out wet OSB

    I've just put up a timber framed shed, built to Mike G's specs, so the OSB is fitted to the internal side. Some panels I used were 11mm and one wall was 18mm. As the job has taken longer than expected, some of the OSB had gotten wet whilst being stored - some more than others. Trying to lift a...
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    Onduline roof help

    Maybe MikeG or someone can offer some advice whilst I'm building a new shed. I successfully used the standard 3mm Onduline roofing sheets on a playhouse I built for the kids earlier this year. I'm now building a shed with no windows and I want a section of clear pvc sheeting to use as a roof...
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    Lap joint a cantilever timber

    I'm building a shed, 3.6m x 2.7m using 4x2 timber framing and was thinking about extending the roof on for another 1.2m to provide a sheltered area. I'm doubling up on the wall plate and I already have some 4.2m lengths but not 4.8m lengths. I've read the general rule of thumb for a...
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    Circular saws - new or secondhand?

    I'm in the market for a corded circular saw as my old dewalt 18v saw batteries are getting old and there's not much power in it anymore. I know used tools are a bit of a hit and miss (my used dewalt impact driver only lasted a year!) and I'm always wondering why people sell them unless they're...