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    Workbench Build aka Paul Sellers style

    I would be looking at Amazon or ebay. No argument the Gramercy ones are nice but cost a bit much in my opinion. Or wooden ones. Most basic are branch forks cut right from the tree or make them. Wooden holdfasts - YouTube Regards John
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    Cleaning Tools

    I take it you are talking about the plastic bodies of power tools. For plastic I would use a cloth dampened with water and dish washing up liquid. Car wash would also do. Avoid dripping wet as you dont want water in the electrics. Solvents tend to degrade plastic. For metal tools then WD40 can...
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    Bandsaw Table Losing Parallel

    I made this fence. Universal Bandsaw Fence - YouTube If your blade is sharp and the saw is perfectly set up then the factory fence does an OK kind of job. The universal fence is so easy to make and overcomes any blade drift you can't tune out. I use it instead of the factory fence anytime I...
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    Lino printing press

    OK final roundup on the press. Got it finished a couple of weeks ago and due to being locked down for covid it was posted to my daughter. She is very happy with it so this was its first print this afternoon. Hot off the press. Regards John
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    Best vintage Chisels

    Even worn out ones can sometimes be made use of. One that was just a stub made a great marking knife. Regards John
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    Anyone tried these?

    I may be stuck in my ways but that looks too good to be true. Actually looks like the corona virus image. Pretty cheap so perhaps it would not hurt to give one a try if they ever make it out to the colonies. Regards John
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    Best vintage Chisels

    That is actually a great way to get great chisels at little cost. The steel is good and will cleanup well. Got a nice ferrule too for the next handle. I have done up quite a few and made handles for them. The string repair does look like an act of desperation. Dodgy repair aside that is a good...
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    New EMIR wooden plane body and other things

    I have had a few bits n pieces from this guy over the years. The Plane Iron Shop | eBay Stores Regards John
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    Lathe cleanup advice

    I also tend to keep odd bolts, screws and things for those kind of situations. Sometimes I am lucky and find something to fit.:) Happy turning Regards John
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Thats got a nice natural look to it for a laminated piece of wood. Nice clamp arrangement too. Regards John
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    I managed to cut the cord on an electric hedge trimmer. At first I wondered why it had stopped then I noticed the cut off cable. Had enough respect for electricity not to touch anything. We dont have fuses in the plugs here so knew it would likely still be live. Its actually better now with a...
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    What is a good finer Rip Saw

    I was given 2 of the Spear and Jackson saws by someone who was about to chuck them out as they had gone blunt. Yes the handles are ugly so I reshaped them a bit. I did not need 2 7tpi crosscuts so I resharpened one as a rip and it is good to have something a bit less aggressive for smaller work...
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    Lathe cleanup advice

    Those are quite good little lathes. I had one as my first lathe. Like yours it needed a scrub up but its not hard to do. As to faceplates the one on it looks big enough for most things you can do on it. I use hex head roofing screws to mount things on faceplates as they grip like anything and...
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    Worth buying? Progress Elliot No. 12 Junior Bench Drill

    I would also say grab it. Made in the days when tools were built to actually do the job intended. Looks like it's been reasonably well cared for. Regards John
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    Old Rexon bandsaw worth saving?

    I had one of those but it was Ryobi brand. They came under a lot of names. Get a new blade read up on it and see how it goes. Other than that I would not be inclined to spend too much on it. I only kept it for about a year as it was only good for small work and I wanted to cut bigger stuff...
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    Solid brass lever cap and frog

    Likely made by someone with access to metal casting. Brass versions of tools turn up now and then. GTL made a range of budget tools in the 30tes and put out a brass plane but I dont think the frog(if it was brass even) would fit a stanley body as they had a norris style adjuster. I have an iron...
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    First table saw set up advice.

    Never having seen an Einhill saw I did a search and found this. Table Saw Blade Adjustments - Einhell 2025 1U Calibration [Episode 62 9 Mar 2018] - YouTube Hope its some help. Regards John
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    Green kitchen scrubbing pad and WD40 to clean. This also gets off light rust. After its clean then some wax as mentioned to help protect it. Also makes the tailstock and banjo easier to slide along the bed. This is also good for any cast iron surface like bandsaw, table saw planers or whatever...
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    New EMIR wooden plane body and other things

    It was an Emir first got me into wooden planes. It is a single iron German style plane. I did not know they did traditional coffin smothers. Real or not its a beech coffin body, there are plenty old blades and cap irons around and you just need to make the wedge. Regards John
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    What tha fork! Her indoors will have an eye on the cutlery drawer from now on. Regards John