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    We are selling a complete very high quality unused spray metal etching kit. It is made by a company called Megaelectronics based in Cambridge. All the specifications can be viewed at WWW.megaelectronics.co.uk The kit is shown under the pull down listing on the right hand side of their home...
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    Metabo orbital sander oscillation setting.

    Hello, I have recently bought, second hand, a Metabo orbital sander which is doubtless a very solid piece of equipment. It seems that to alter the "finesse" of sanding you have to press a red button on the side and turn the disc until it clicks and then the oscillation is widened or narrowed. I...
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    Problem with Tormek grinder

    I have a Tormek grinder that I use mainly for sharpening my Morso(frame cutting guillotine) blades. It does a pretty decent job and I am happy with the very sharp results. I have one problem though that I can't seem to rectify. When I use the planer blade jig, that also holds Morso blades, I set...
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    63mm dust extraction kit from Axminster

    I am wanting to set up a small dust extraction system in my workshop and have been looking at the 63mm dust extraction system from Axminster which sems reasonably priced. I would want to run this from my RECORD DX 4000 dust extractor. The system has blast gates as part of it and I am assuming...
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    Triton router in record router table?

    I have a record router table that I have recently assembled, seems like a hefty, solid piece of equipment. Obviously the problem with the thick cast iron top is the effect it has on the inverted plunge depth of whichever router is used. I have read a lot of great things about the Triton router...
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    workshop heaters

    I posted a message some time ago about some panel heaters that I have bought to warm my workshop. They are very efficient with two settings of 500w and 1000w. I have them both on 500w from 7am to 5pm on a thermostatic setting of around half way that gives a comfortable heat for the workshop...
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    heating for workshop

    I have read a few messages about the best way to heat workshops. I have an old telephone exchange as my workshop that is about 32 x 10 feet area and about nine foot high for workspace. It is fully insulated/double glazed but still has quite a chill when the weather is cold. I have bought two...
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    silicone spray and material

    Hello, I want to spray an item made from wood and material to ease its movement (too long to explain!) Is silicone spray "dry" as it were and should it leave the material, which is nylon felt, unstained. I assume silicone spray is really just made up of microscopic balls. Thanks in advance James
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    problem with Tormek angle setter

    Hi, I have recently taken delivery of a Tormek 2600 which I shall be using to sharpen , among other things, thicknesser/ jointer blades and Morso guillotine blades. I have made my first attempts on the guillotine blades and have followed the instructions implicitaly. The problem I have come...
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    Grip-tite featherboard

    Hi , I am in the process of buying an anti kickback device called a Grip-tite. It is a block with a powerful magnet that has flexible"wings" sticking out of it. These wings are pressed lightly against the wood to be ripped on the tablesaw and the magnet holds the block itself securely to the...
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    Automatic extractor switch.

    Hi, I am equiping my new workshop with my new and old tools and machines. I have two Trend T30 AF vacuum/ extractors that one can plug tools or small machines into and they switch on automatically when the machine itself is turned on. They also stay on for about 10 seconds to catch those last...
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    adjustable inlay jig?

    Hello, I want to inlay square metal plaques in wood normally around 3" x 2" and 1mm thick ( the plaques). The size will vary sometimes and I would like to know if there is on the market an adjustable router jig similar to a letter box jig but for finer more accurate work. I could probably make...
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    using a router to cut thin metal

    Hello, I am a cabinet maker and want to inlay silver designs into some of my products. The silver would be in sheet form(about 1mm thick.) Because I want the inlay to be as accurate a fit in the recess as possible is it possible ,in anyones experience, to rout/trim the silver using a template...
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    pacer cnc router system

    Hi, I am still umming and arring about which cnc router to buy. The Pacer system built in the UK really grabs me. It has vacuum table and swarf removal integral in the machine. It is not cheap but it does seem to be extremely good quality and has 5 year guarantee. I will be using it for various...
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    Dewalt 733 thicknesser blade bolt tightening.

    Hi I own a Dewalt 733 thicknesser which I am very happy with. One question, when changing the blades and retightening the holding bolts what pressure is best used to tighten them. The natural reaction is to want to tighten them more than perhaps necessary for safety's sake but obviously one...
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    MDF used as vacuum table

    Hi , I am in the process of buying an engraving machine and a milling machine from Roland. I have seen both working and am very impressed by their versatility. I gather that I can buy a vacuum table to hold pieces as an accessory for both machines but they seem pretty expensive. I have found out...
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    Cnc milling machine

    Hi I am on the point of starting up a company and wish to purchase a good quality cnc milling machine. I have looked at various models on the internet. The one that impresses me most is the Pacer Cadet that seems to have everything included such as Vacuum bed and waste removal. Obviously one...
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    Hi does anyone know the price of the Trend Cnc Lite benchtop machine and has anyone used one. I want to use it to cut recesses in wooden box tops but also cut material( silver) to inlay into these recesses.Thanks James Frederick
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    Can anyone make us folding chessboards?

    Hi. We are looking for a worshop to make us batches of chessboards in the UK. They must be of good quality and reasonably priced. We are happy with veneered MDF and the boards when open must be tight across the middle using hinges. As said before quality and price are the most important factors...