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    Wanted Record 146 holdfast collar

    Has anyone got a collar for a record 146 holdfast they would like to sell?
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    Stanley No71

    I've recently bought an old Stanley No71 router plane, which has cleaned up ok, I now need to sharpen it!! Half inch cutter first, I've flattened the bottom and got an nice even, square primary bevel, the question is where do I hone the secondary bevel, if at all ?? Paul Seller has a video...
  3. D

    Stanley Bedrock 607

    On a visit to the local diy shop last week I found this rusty lump on one of the bottom display shelves. I asked if it was for sale, initially I just wanted the handles, and the bemused assistant said I could have it for a fiver a there were parts missing, deal done! They found it most amusing...
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    Aldi nail gun

    Aldi have a cordless nail gun coming in soon, have these been offered before and if so has anyone used them? It would be for diy use , worth a punt or stick with the Estwing ???