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  1. J

    scotch glue

    From Oxford English Dictionary: "Scotch glue n. animal glue of a type originally made in Scotland, and traditionally used in furniture restoration, carpentry, etc. 1826 Hull Packet 18 Apr. 5 Tons Transparent Scotch Glue. 1907 R. L. Fernbach Glues & Gelatine v. 96 Scotch Glue.—Several...
  2. J

    Anyone bought tools from the EU recently?

    I think that's for consignments of less than £135. Above that, it's as before, you pay VAT and duties to Royal Mail etc. Obviously the seller should be charging ex VAT prices but I don't think many do. Some couriers have apparently also added their own "processing/admin/paperwork fees", which...
  3. J

    Reusing wood from old antique furniture?

    I'm definitely against chopping up furniture just because it's out of fashion at the moment!
  4. J

    102/apron plane mouth width

    And the same doesn't go for Veritas?
  5. J

    102/apron plane mouth width

    Actually, 1mm might not so wide after all, my 1920s Stanley no 6 is 1mm and 1960s Record 5 1/2 is 1.5mm.
  6. J

    102/apron plane mouth width

    Well that has put me off the Veritas apron plane! Although I might still get their normal sized block plane. I'm sure Veritas has their reasons to choose to make the mouth bigger than the Lie-Nielsen 102 , maybe they expect it to be mostly used for end grain. Lie Nielsen in their 102...
  7. J

    102/apron plane mouth width

    I'm looking to get a decent 102 sized block plane, my choices are Lie Nielsen 102, Workshop Heaven Quangsheng Luban 102, and Veritas Apron plane. Does anyone know the mouth width with the blade in place of the Veritas Apron plane? Apparently, Veritas said: "The 1/8” is the machined opening in...
  8. J

    How much blade should you show? Planes

    https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/paul-sellers-says-cap-iron-position-doesn't-matter.130457/ Went on for 9 pages.
  9. J

    Removing banjo fingerboard.

    Hide glue, the proper stuff not the so-called hide glue that comes in a bottle. I believe guitar making suppliers sell thin strips of ebony as fretboards/fingerboards. Other woods can be used as well.
  10. J

    Black CA glue and activator - uk supplier?

    We use Gluboost superglues and activator at work for instruments, I didn't realise the glues were £20 a bottle although we probably get them without VAT. I prefer to use ebony dust with the clear glue as I feel there's more structural strength.
  11. J

    Removing banjo fingerboard.

    Fingerboards can also be taken off without the use of heat or water because of the brittle nature of hide glue, it's sort of like delamination of the joint. You need "opening knives" with sharpened edges, typically made from table knives. You use the edge to first get into the joint but after...
  12. J

    Why is it called grain?

    The Oxford English Dictionary is free to use if you've got a library card, log in here: https://www.oed.com/loginpage the library card gets you access to other reference works as well. It's a quite a long entry, here's my summary: 1, Seed; seed of cereal plants, corn. 2, smal particles, eg...
  13. J

    Intersting job opportunity

    To make a serious point, there's a difference between Europe/Euro- and the EU. :)
  14. J

    Chisel gets dull whilst working up through the grits

    This is getting off topic. And most of the replies about sharpening didn't address the OP's question anyway.
  15. J

    Block plane

    IME manually adjusted block planes like the 102 and 120 are harder to adjust for depth of cut than wooden planes. This could be caused by the bed at the mouth and at the rear supporting "prongs/posts" not being flat with each other. And also, tightening the screw can move the iron which also...
  16. J

    Block plane

    I think it's more similar to a 120 block plane. Both 102 and 120 planes are "proper" planes with a cast body, whereas the orange one has thin folded sheet steel for the body, no cross pin and no bed
  17. J

    Chisel gets dull whilst working up through the grits

    The only way you can lock your wrists is if you lock your whole upper body and arms and step forwards and backwards, and I don't think anybody goes that!
  18. J

    Herring LONDON

    Why remove the E from the stamp and leave the &? I would think it's more likely the stamp didn't leave a full impression on the gouge, with the E and L mostly not stamped.
  19. J

    Chisel gets dull whilst working up through the grits

    Maybe the 2000 is rounding over the edge, I would try strokes in one direction only on the 2000, pulling away from the edge.
  20. J

    DIN markings, is "DIN 874" same as "DIN 874/00"?

    Thanks, the box was sealed with bit of sellotape. I did think of contacting the manufacturer, even wrote the message but haven't sent it, thinking I probably won't get a reply. It seems they only make that type in one grade...