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    Sold Bosch GOF 1250 CE 8mm Router 240V & Guide Rail Attachment

    Second in line should it not work out :)
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    Sold Axminster APTC Mitre Trimmer MT1 Guillotine

    PM sent - pending collection arrangements...
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    Sold Tormek Supergrind 2000

    Oh I am sorry, I have some heavy distractions at the moment. If I haven’t missed the boat I’d still like it but fair to you if you’ve bagged it Martin.
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    Sold Tormek Supergrind 2000

    Hello, would you consider boxing up for a courier?
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    Wanted Large Circular/Beam Saw

    ah ok great thanks, wonder how i find that...
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    Wanted Large Circular/Beam Saw

    has anyone got a large circular saw of the sort used for timber framing, ideally 120mm+ depth of cut but I’d also be interested in 100 110v or 240 both fine many thanks!
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    For Sale Stanley No.71 Router Plane

    Ok well now i am router plane rich, will get that payment through asap, same address. How efficient. Many thanks!
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    For Sale Stanley No.71 Router Plane

    Ha dang this is what i was really after! Can i bag this too? is that greedy? What does one mean by the missing foot?
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    For Sale Crown Cryo 3/4" Roughing Gouge & Stanley 271 Router Plane

    Can I bag the router plane please?
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    DIY Carbide - round or square bar?

    Seen a few vids recently on making your own carbide tools and as i don't have any and could use a real pointy one for a couple projects, thought id give it a whirl. So my question is, round or square bar? I have seen videos using both, and both seem available commercially, though the home made...
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    Sold 1 pair Good Hand Stainless Steel Horizontal Clamp Flat Base Size 150Kg

    does pop means ive been beaten to it? i call second pop if so
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    Spindle sander

    is this succesfully bagged? ill put myself second in line in case...
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    Quangsheng parts

    Thanks all, sparked interesting debate there. I do also understand that it might be a bit optimistic to expect parts to be readily available anywhere really, given the relatively low volume of these things that are sold, when compared to main brand power tools etc. Speaking of, been on the hunt...
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    Quangsheng parts

    Hi all, just wondering if anyone knows of a sourch of quangsheng plane parts? Other than workshop heaven, who have been ignoring my requests for about three weeks even though the lady on the phone said they probably had what i need in stock! Quite frustrating. My quangsheng rebate block plane...
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    Small CNC Job

    ah good shout ill give them a go thanks!
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    Small CNC Job

    Does anyone have a CNC they're able to cut some lettering with? 2 boards, 6 letters a word/board, words approx 70mm high, 450 wide. 10mm deep cut in composite oak board. One bold lettering and one quite narrow. If anyone's interested that would be great, I can prep the boards and we can post...
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    For Sale Record dx4000 extractor

    Sending pm...
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    Wanted Planer/Thicknesser wanted

    Just moved units and upgrading a few things - most needed is a decent planer thicknesser, ideally 240v and 300 wide. Tersa or spiral block preferred. Decent budget for the right machine. Long shot but just missed a couple of online sales so thought I'd cast the net, thanks!
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    Serious skills

    sorry to bombard but cant help it, seems the russians arent messing around
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    Serious skills

    oh there you go, next suggested video, the skew is a trad russian design by the sounds, a lathe knife...