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  1. J

    Sold Trend PRT router table £275

    Reserved for akirk
  2. J

    Sold Trend PRT router table £275

    Trend Professional Router Table Set up to use Trend T11 that allows above table height adjustments, other routers will fit but may need to drill table to allow adjustments. NCD on/off switch allows starting from side of table. All feather boards, inserts and extras included (see images) Legs...
  3. J

    INCRA Mast-R-Lift II

    Interesting thread, I have mine on back order, hopefully be here soon🤞🏻, don't think there has been much stock in the UK for some time, snow on Texas!!!
  4. J

    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    We’re gonna need a bigger cabinet!
  5. J

    Sold FTAGH Work stand for router, drill etc NOW TAKEN

    I had an Incra router table attached to this but could be used for various items. Footprint 28”x 22” Table 28”x20” Aperture 18”x10.75” Height 33” Quite heavy, I got it in the back of a hatchback. Collection only from DY1
  6. J

    Wrist watch recommendations

    For 45 years I earned my living selling wristwatches from Timex to Patek Philippe with lots of Rolex, Cartier and Omega in between, with prices starting from £4.85 in 1975 to me selling one for just over £2million when I retired 18 months ago, I've owned lots of watches but now my everyday watch...
  7. J

    Why are big google adds now appearing and how to get rid

    Just disabled mine, thanks for the tip.
  8. J

    Newbie - Display cabinet plywood advice

    Is that for one sheet including VAT or a quantity, seems very reasonable. They come in 5ftx5ft sheets around here for some reason and I paid about £60 for one sheet 6 months ago.
  9. J

    Chip/dust extraction advise please

    The 74.5cm could just about be accommodated, if I slide a few things 5cm, good option
  10. J

    Chip/dust extraction advise please

    Thanks, I’ll check tomorrow
  11. J

    Chip/dust extraction advise please

    Looks promising, I'll have a measure too, see exactly how much space I have.
  12. J

    Chip/dust extraction advise please

    I need an extractor to attach to a router table with below table extraction and also to a proposed bandsaw purchase. 100mm duct connection to both, they will not be used at the same time, I have an Axminster trade dust filter suspended from the ceiling. Axminster are out of stock of their trade...
  13. J

    16amp socket advice

    New 16 amp breaker (type B) has been added to CU. To run this socket.
  14. J

    16amp socket advice

    I have had a 16 amp socket fitted, in anticipation of getting a bandsaw, one of them I'm looking at says it needs a type C breaker, my CU has type B, is this going to be an issue as the CU (and breakers) are no longer produced, they seem difficult to get on the secondary market too.
  15. J

    Pop group quiz

  16. J

    Pop group quiz

    Arctic Monkeys, Thompson Twins, Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  17. J

    For Sale Stuff For Sale

    DM sent
  18. J

    For Sale Stuff For Sale

    Can I take the No 50 @ £60 please